Nike Paul George 1 Performance Review

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As the first  signature basketball shoe of Paul George, Nike Paul George 1 was first unveiled in August 2016 and has hit retailers for $110 in 2017 ,making Paul George the fourth active NBA player on Nike’s roster with a model of his own. And the shoe features a forefoot Zoom Air unit, a full-length Phylon foam midsole and a mix of neoprene. Then please go on reading.

The Paul George 1 can be marked as a success but there is room for improvement and it lays a strong foundation for future versions.

Paul George’s untimely injury in 2014 not only jeopardized the project’s timeline, but it’s very existence.

His injury in his right leg once made many people think that Paul George’s career would end but surprisingly he returned in 2015.

Next it is time to take a look at the shoe’s actual performance.


This colorway comes equipped with translucent rubber outsole which is of great help for the shoe’s grip though many of you will think of the  “translucent rubber outsoles just aren’t as good as solid rubber outsoles” theory , but ,you are wrong this time.

Before learning more about it, you might be busying  theorizing but surely you will be busying enjoying it once you try it on.As you step on court you can obviously feel that the outsole is providing great grip for you and definitely ,you will be pleased with it.

But no one is perfect,and so is the the shoe. If you are playing on dusty court then the outsole will invite some dust to its surface ,therefore, wiping every now and then is necessary for good performance.


The shoe works really really well, but this is not enough for those who need extra support and prefer robust support systems. Most of the shoe’s support comes from the midsole. I can say the support and lockdown of the shoe are quite excellent . As I have mentioned before, the shoe features mid-foot straps and also the forefoot strap really locks your feet in.

More importantly, there is no heel slippage thus making the stability of the shoe ensured. What’s more, the support so good in every direction that you feel the shoe is just a part of your body.


The Zoom air unit in the forefoot ensures the basic cushion you need. If you have never experienced it before then I highly recommend you have a try, but if you experienced it before then you know how it feels and performs. It gives you a fast response and protection.

The midsole features a lightweight Phylon foam that gives you another kind of cushion. And this setup helps make the shoe much lighter . In short, forefoot Zoom, soft Phylon midsole, responsive court feel — that combination is definitely a setup worth taking a second look at. At $110, I can say it is just a good signature model.


I always love to say it really fits true to size,but in fact, the fact is just like this. For me, the fit is also a highlight of the shoe. It does fit true to size for most of you owing to the great use of the materials and thanks to the lacing system, it does great help in keeping your feet locked in and secure.

The overall fit is quite good and after a break in period the feel is just better. And you will ultimately find the shoe fit to be great like me.


The shoe is so good thus I think Nike deserves any success that comes with Paul George’s first signature model  though the Paul George 1 is not perfect. The cushion ,support ,stability and not expensive price are all the shoe’s features and also ,advantages thus making the shoe become many people’s favorite Nike of the season at any price. Personally, Nike Paul George 1 is a fantastic on-court performer in my opinion but you can also have your owns. Sure, you will totally love it.

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