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Detailed Look and Review:Adidas Harden Vol. 4

Today we want to show you Adidas Harden Vol.4. Let’s have a look at the basic information firstly:

Size: US9

Unit Weight: 410g

Size: A little big, but not bigger than half size


The white shoebox with gold Harden logo and Adidas logo.

The colorway that we want to show you is the black and gold one.

The pink one looks pretty

To be honest, I don’t like it at the first eye, I think that the whole black vamp with golden decoration is too monotonous. But after taking a good look at it, I find that it’s similar to Puma Clyde Court Disrupt which also don’t have nice colorway.

It has some details which can get higher scores.

The shoe head is chamois leather, then the vamp is made of thinner mesh fabric, a big area of elastic fabric, and chamois leather. As it uses several materials, so it can have more different colorways.

The forefoot and shoe heel part use chamois leather. It can fit the foot well. The position of monopodium uses elastic fabric. Actually Harden Vol.3 also uses elastic fabric, but the position is near to instep.

The plastic plate on the outside is different with other Adidas plastic plates. No matter the signature shoes or team shoes of Adidas, the outside stabilizing plate is usually on the outside connects with insole and outsole. But the stabilizing plate of Harden Vol.4 is on the vamp.

We can see the shoe collar is a little narrow, but Harden Vol.4 don’t have the lining. And the shoe heel has the surrounding TPU. The shoes can fit the foot very well.

Comparing with Harden Vol. 3, it uses more material on Harden Vol.4. It’s an improvement.

Harden Vol.4 abandon Boost, but using the new Adidas technology LightStrike.

We can see that the performance of LightStrike of Next Level is good, although it’s not perfect, but it’s not bad. It gives Adidas more confidence to proceed this technology.

The shape of Harden Vol.4 is similar to Mitchell, low front and high rear model. And the forefoot has the subby design to improve the feedback of breaking though. The rear sole is thick, it can increase the cushion performance of rear sole.

If you still remember that I’m unsatisfied at the thin insole of Harden Vol. 3. The cushion performance is bad. If you are heavier weight, then it will be unsuitable for you. So the insole material of Harden Vol.4 is a big improvement.

Except these normal design, the LightStrike on the part of toes make a division for better starting and breaking through. And the insole has upturning design on the middle part to improve the stability and anti-torsion performance.

Although it doesn’t have obvious insole supporting plate, but after trying, I find that the strength is good. It should have the supporting plate on the sole.

The outsole of Harden Vol. 4 doesn’t use the herringbone, but dense grains. It’s made of stiff rubber. The traction performance should be not good.

Overall. Except changing the insole material, Harden Vol. 4 is all-around upgrading comparing with Harden Vol.3. And it will release more colorways in the near future. We’re expecting that Harden Vol. 4 will be the good beginning of further Harden series shoes.

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