Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK Performance Review

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The Adidas has released a new low top version – the  Adidas Crazy Explosive Low.And if you enjoy low tops, Boost, and a great fit then you’ll likely enjoy the Adidas Crazy Explosive Low on-court.After changing the spokesman into the Canadian Andrew Wiggins what surprises will the Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK bring to us? Expect?Then take a look at the protagonist of today’s review.


If you are always seeking the bouncy feel then what I’d like to say is that the Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK should be your main target for next purchase. The cushion and the feeling are just fascinating which will even make you addicted.The Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK has remained the same in the cushion setting as that of the high top version though,you are still getting the full-length cushion that is plush in the heel and a little thinner in the forefoot.

The series always features the thick Boost cushion setup though it is super soft.But don’t worry about the stability issue because the TPU is still wrapped around the lateral side of the midsole to ensure the Boost remains stable.If you prefer the rapid responsiveness and is worrying about the softness of the Boost,then the Boost does not compromise responsiveness.The feeling it gives you is just nice.The cushion will feedback to you the moment you step on it.Just fantastic.


Performance wise, you’re not sacrificing anything if you choose this option. In this point,you can find some difference between the high top version and the low top version.The Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK uses a micro mesh upper which does great help in the the shoe’s support. If you wanted something a Bit nicer and nice feeling then opt for the low top version.

The upper is just  light, breathable, and wraps around your foot like no other.Also,there are fuse welds in high-wear areas to help protect the material because durability isn’t its strong suit. In this setup,the Adidas did a significant job by eliminating support issue and still keeping that famous Primeknit softness as the main priority. It is such a nice job.





The same as the high top version,the Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK uses the soft coral line outsole and I like it.Even in the floor that has the slightest dust the soles can hug the floor better than you expect. Its ability of biting the grounds is just out of expect.

So thanks to the absolute advantage of this shoe,there is no need wiping it every now and then.Therefore,if you are going to play ball on those 24 hour courts where conditions are often terrible, you should be good to go.In addition,there isn’t any slippy problems during the whole actual combat whether there is start-up or emergency stop.This point will greatly help you in your games.


The wrapping is mainly from the Primeknit woven upper. Lacing your laces tightly,wearing a pair of thick socks,you will get the excellent wrapping of the shoes.And the shoes does also have the flexibility that many sneakers might not have.

Also,just like the high top version,the Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK does fit true to size and it feels awesome and secure on-foot.Thus there is no slippy issues in the shoes.And the lockdown is great as well and as I’ve mentioned before,there is no slipping inside the shoe whatsoever. It is just on its way to become the best fitting low top shoe.For all of you guys, I highly recommend you choose a suitable size.But wide footers,you should be good as well since the Primeknit will stretch to accommodate your feet.Good thing!Right?


I’d like to say that everything the high top version has the low top version has. Thanks to the Primeknit woven upper with the nylon cloth the upper support performs well and the support of the midsole is not bad as well. As the old saying goes”no one is perfect” and so as the shoes. The torsion resistance performance is relatively worse,which might be related to the full-length Boost.

Compared with the model of last year’s, the support of the Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK is just better. In short,if the Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK has successfully draw your attention then it is absolutely for you. Everything you need in a shoe is in the Crazy Explosive Low.


The Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK is a pair of sneaker which deserves your trying in my personal view. Though the wear resistance of the shoe is bad and the shoe’s support is just so so as well, the overall performance surely can’t let you down.The Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK will bring you everything you expect,well,not including the wear resistance.But if you play indoors then I don’t think it is a big problem.Now that it is not so bad overall,why not have a try?What I want to say at last is that the feeling that the Adidas Crazy Explosive Low PK brings is just nice, and even fantastic.