Adidas Harden Vol 2 Performance Review

As the second signature basketball shoe for James Harden, the Adidas Harden Volume 2 combines several technologies in it ,which helps Harden greatly on the court. It is now available for several colorways and has hit retailers for $150. Then grab a look at the details below.


The traction of Adidas Harden Volume 2 is not so good as that of the Volume 1 ,but it is an improvement over the its predecessor. Then go on reading.

The Boost at the back of the Volume 2  is thicker than ever before,but , although it does increase the shoe’s weight, it also improves the shoe’s cushion.More importantly, you will never feel unstable or feel too high off the ground and surprisingly the still bouncy feel and great cushion make the shoe become one of the most excellent shoes of 2018. I can say more Boost pellets packed into the midsole only increase more stability and overall protection,and most importantly,more firmer.

So whether it is worth buying ?Many people will ask.Then let me tell you the answer.Some people may be fond of this setup of Boost while some cares more about the stability. As I have mentioned above, the shoe’s weight has increased thus the stability has also improved.Meantime, the torsion resistance also becomes greatly strong because of the Y-shaped TPU in the outsole. Therefore, the overall cushion is quite good and there is nothing to say more about this aspect.So what are you worried about?


In term of grip, I think excessive introduction is not as good as your own experience. Once you start playing in it you will say just a great.It does work really really well. When it grips you will be quite pleased.

As a matter of fact, there are many sneakers which are rarely able to be both excellent in wear resistance and grip.So you can see that the shoe’s wear resistance is relatively worse while it try its best to improve its grip due to the using of the unique traction sole. But, there is always a but, there is a premise that you must play on clean floors while on dusty floors it performs worse.


When it comes to the technologies in Adidas Harden Volume 2, the BOOST cushioning unit,the lightweight mesh upper, and the unique traction sole are all its features. And when it comes to the upper support, the lightweight mesh upper does great help. And the TPU-wrapped forefoot ensured the Boost’s stability in this section while also acting as an outrigger.

In the heel part, there is a heel counter and the large exaggerated rubber piece in the outsole. All these make the heel become the most supportive part of the shoes.

I once doubted that the support of the external module is not so good . But as expected the support is relatively poor compared to other excellent parts. But as a guard shoe, the support is enough and surely can’t let you down.


As I have mentioned before, owing to the thick Boost the shoe’s weight is increased. Though it is not lightweight, it doesn’t matter as long as you have no high requirements for the shoe’s weight. Overall, it can meet most your needs.


The shoe does fit true to size. But surely it is not for everyone.So please go to  try them on in-store and then shop online, wide footers. Though some like the shoe while wide footers and those with high arches may not like how it feels at first.

In the midsole part ,the rear wraps  around the midfoot nicely.  And in the heel it is very stable and helps you a lot in actual combat. You can obviously feel the shoe wraps around your heel and ankle but not in a suffocating way.


If you ask how does the Adidas Harden Volume 2 perform compared with other regular version,then it performs much better in my opinion. After all, I am sure the shoes will not let you down. But as the old saying goes, no one is perfect. So although there might be some shortcomings, the overall of the shoes are good.Heartbeat is not as good as action, so why not have a try?