Adidas Harden Volume 1 Performance Review

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Unveiled on December 16th, 2017,the Adidas Harden Volume 1 is available now and has hit retailers for $130.And now check out more detailed looks at it below.


The reason I take the fit as the first aspect is that I’ve attached importance to it.The Adidas Harden Vol. 1 does fit true to size nearly everywhere throughout the shoe.This is really important in my opinion because this can sometimes decide something.For most of you,  you’ll enjoy the fit going true to size due to the way the body of the shoe locks you in.Also,you’ll feel secure in the shoe.But wide footers,you’d better go to try on-store then you can enjoy these.Good thing.Right?

As for the lockdown,the feeling is nice even fantastic.The lacing system is nearly perfect as it wraps up and around your foot,which ensures that there will be not any slippages within the shoe during your game.And the heel part fits true to size as well.What matters most is that the Adidas Harden Vol. 1 takes very little time to break in.However,as the old saying goes”the shoes don’t fit, only you know”.So only when you try them on can you know whether they are for you.



When it comes to the materials I think the upper comes first.The upper consists of  a woven mesh with a layer of nylon at the back,which is supportive and offers flexibility as well.Honestly speaking,I am quite fond of this setup because it seems like the shoe is made for me.Personally,I think it is such an excellent sneaker that it deserves your noticing even though I had some discomfort at first,it just takes some time to break in then you’ll great I would say.



The shoe features a full-length Boost.The Boost is at the back and it is low,which has a TPU contained .And this also offers impact protection and rapid responsiveness.In addition, though the Boost on the Harden Vol. 1 is thinner than the Crazylight, Rose 7 and Crazy Explosive,it has never lacked the court feel,which is awesome.I can say you’ll receive all the court feel you can possibly want while still receiving protection underfoot. Based on my personal experience,I love this setup quite a lot.While on courts,it really helps me a lot.As long as I place ample pressure on it,it bounces quite well and the feel is just nice.


The grains in the soles bites the ground better just than you expected before.But,there is always a but…There is the slightest issue which is that once there is a large amount of dust then it might cause some slipping,but it doesn’t matter too much.What you need to do is just wiping your shoes in your free time to ensure the shoe’s grip.On the one hand, there is a phenomenon that you’d better know which is that the grip works great at times, allowing you to stop suddenly or change direction,while sometimes you’ll encounter some slippages.

While on the other hand,the soles are easy to invite dust on floors to its surface,so as mentioned above,a few times wiping is needed.And it seems like the Crazy Explosive and the D Rose 7 that the Adidas Harden Volume 1 does badly in the durability and it is much less durable outdoors.What’s more,the durability becomes worse as time passes by.But on balance,we are just testers.If you want more you just need to experience them in the flash.


It is one of the highlights of Harden Volume 1.And along with the great fit, the shoes sit very low to the ground.The torsional support is in place with the TPU plate, an internal heel counter keeps your heel on the foot-bed.Besides,the TPU does a great help in this aspect.It encases the Boost midsole to ensure your stability at any point during your games.Wearing the shoes, you can go through any movement with ease at mind I would say.


Grip,cushion,fit ,support are all its features.And if you are quite fond of court feel and mobility then the Harden Vol. 1 is absolutely for you.Objectively speaking,this shoe  is a very well balanced shoe for guards. And I sincerely hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.