Air Jordan 13 ‘History Of Flight’ Performance Review

Although years have passed, when it comes to Jordan ,his excellent performance will still amazes us so much. But it is his shoes that will bring us eternal commemoration. While today’s protagonist is the AIR JORDAN XIII“ HISTORY OF FLIGHT”  from the AIR JORDAN brand. Then how will it surprise us ? Here we’ll have a check…

Seeing the images of Air Jordan 13 , many of you are looking forward to having one like me . You may can’t help but want to wear it and play and run on the court . For its appearance,it mainly features a pure white color leather surface, red hem inside and out and black laces . Personally, I think it is bright and nice.


The shoe was once shown in the display,but it is now available for $190. I am sure you must get excited and want to have a try .


The upper part of the shoe is equipped with three different leather texture. The toe part is relatively hard ,but provides full protection for the wearers . As for the both sides of the upper part ,it is made of softer materials which makes the upper easier bent . Certainly ,the smooth leather upper will let you more convenient to  wash.

The inner part of the shoe and the red soles reflect each other while the black lace and the black of the support board reflect each other . This kind of setting naturally make us think of the Chicago Bulls and also means that the HOF series tribute to the city of Chicago, the city of MJ legend.


With an outstanding appearance ,how can you dislike it ? Whether you wear it on courts or wear it out in daily life , it is gorgeous enough and can make you the focus. Also,such bright white must be a good match. It just make you very eye-catching in the crowd.What is worth mentioning is that the pure white laces attached to the shoes will match the shoe better than the black one,which seems more integrated.


The Air Jordan 13 brings you a familiar feeling which is awesome. Maybe owing to the leather materials ,the shoe is not light enough,but as a basketball sneaker I think it has done very well. The fillers in the midsole is relatively softer and with the thicker ORTHOLITE insole ,you feel very comfortable.


For the cushion : as I’ve mentioned, because of the soft insole and enough fillers, the shoe is pretty comfortable . But,there is always a but, the softness will become vulnerable once you start exercising. In addition, the tremendous pressure exerted by the weight and impact on the sole makes the performance of cushion greatly decreased, which is one of the reasons why the feeling is different when playing and walking.

As for the heel and forefoot Zoom Air cushion ,it’s responsive ,springy and comfortable. Although not so bouncy like the last version, you have much better court feel with the lower profile.


For the grip : in addition to its outstanding appearance, the herringbone pattern is also a highlight . On a personal level, I would say the traction is of great help. With its traction,the grip works well just like crazy glue. If you stick playing on it, the traction will break-in and give you plenty of coverage on the court. Whether indoors or outdoor, its excellent performance is there.


For the wrapping : the Air Jordan 13 does fit true to size thus you can imagine the shoe can also wrap your foot well.  If you wish to remain with your regular size and you feel that there is too much space, just put an additional insole in the shoe and you should be fine.

Lockdown is awesome, plain and simple as well. After some time breaking in and you’ve adjust your laces tightly then your foot won’t be going anywhere. In actual combat, it wraps your foot so well that you feel like you are wearing nothing.


For the stability : I know many of you will miss the large carbon board of the regular versions . The carbon board not only offers us stability , but makes us comfortable and feedback to us motivation . So there is no need to say that the support is good as well. But when it is compared with modern shoes, a gap is definitely there. Therefore, I think it is not recommended for high-intensity competitions.


For the comfotability : if regardless of other aspects, I think this is the most important point . After all, who would like to wear a pair of shoes that is very uncomfortable ? Of course nobody. For I myself, I am quite enjoying the soft and comfortable feeling. If there is a word I’d like to describe the feeling then that is fantastic.

But for the breathability, it is not so good. If you wear it in hot summer days,you may feel that your foot is in a hot room without any wind let alone in actual performance.


Overall :

On a personal level, I think the Air Jordan 13 performs just as good as some of today’s sneakers. If you are a fan of the Air Jordan series then you should miss this one. I bet you will fall in love with it.

The appearance,the comfortable feeling and above all, the classic commemorative meaning are all its features. These are just the reasons for us to pay for this pair of shoes. Can you dislike it ?