Air Jordan 31 Low Performance Review

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The white A J 31 Low entered our sight on June 30th ,2017. Its white upper is just so appealing. Then let’s have a look together.

This pair features a white upper with contrasting black on the lining and sole stripe while just a touch of University Red hits the Jump man branding. And it alternates between premium leather on the heel and a woven textile for a flexible on-court feel that transitions over quite nicely to the lifestyle realm.

Then I will compare A J 31 Low with CE low and H D 2016 low. In the aspect of upper, they are different. Though the A J 31 Low is weaker in some aspects, it is excellent in the upper supporting.

The three are different in the sole design, but the wear resistance of A J 31 Low is so-so .

The breathability of the three is quick excellent, but in terms of protection, the A J 31 Low is just better.

Next it’s time to check the actual performance of A J 31 Low.


When it comes to the appearance, I have to say that everyone has his/her own idea. But in my opinion, the A J 31 Low is so beautiful. Compared with other versions, the A J 31 Low is very suitable for everyone to wear out to the roads.


Combining Zoom Air with Phylon technology, A J 31 Low is very comfortable to wear. What’s more, it performs better in the actual combat.

The elasticity of front foot is better than the back foot, but it is also enough for players. Anyway, I think it can’t disappoint you in actual performance.


Honestly speaking, the grip of A J 31 Low isn’t quick perfect. When there are emergency stops, it will appear slippery. But after all, the grip is not so bad, which you can experience in the flesh.

4 .Wrapping

The inner boot design plus the Flywire design both make the wrapping of A J 31 Low quick excellent. After tightening the shoelace, the entire feet is firmly fixed in the shoes and the phenomenon that the feet slide in the shoes is basically impossibly.


Owing to the T P U and the leather material , the supporting of this sneakers is not bad. Although it is a low-cut version, it is also safe to wear the sneakers protection devices.

6.Cost effective

The durability of A  J 31 Low is not so good. But the Zoom Air design and the special upper make the shoes cost-effective. And no matter in the actual combat or in daily life, the A J 31 Low is a good choice.


Personally, I think such a pair of sneakers is necessary for a good player. Anyway, with a price of 160 dollars , A J 31 Low is nearly perfect and I am sure it can’t disappoint you.