Air Jordan 32 Performance Review

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The Air Jordan 32 is the thirty-second Air Jordan sneaker in the historic legacy. Inspired by the Air Jordan 2, it features a mix of Zoom Air cushioning ,  Flyknit, premium leather and so on. Then read the article below for further release details and price information.

After 30 years later, Jordan Brand has made rapid progress. Compared with other versions, the Jordan Brand has enlarged its scale, and what’s more, there are more new sneakers releasing , which has got much popularity from the public. On September 23rd, 2017,the series released a new sneaker which was Air Jordan 32,pricing $185.



The actual combat setting is the highest guard setting of Air Jordan 32. And with the combination of Flyknit, Flight Speed, and Zoom Air, we already know that the Jordan 32 will be one of the best performing basketball shoes of the year. The necessary Zoom ,the woven upper , Flightplate and Flightspeed all improve the support of the shoes. Then return to Air Jordan 31, it adopted the “History Review” design concept,and becomes many people’s new lovers.



When I first got it, what appealed me most was the brand new woven shoe body. The forefoot has greatly changed, and meanwhile ,there are X-shaped hard braided wire woven in the shoes. Though the density is big , it has nothing influence on the support of shoes.



There at the back of the shoe is TPU and some other technologies. In short, designs of shoes can surely meet most people’s needs.



Filler in  heel is a bit hard though, the thickness is pretty satisfying. And the thick insole guarantees basic cushion before stepping on the air cushion.



The midsole of  Jordan 32 is thicker than the 31. In addition, because of the bigger density midsole material and addition of carbon board, its torsion resistance becomes more shocking.


Besides the additional carbon board, the diamond pattern design is a highlight of Jordan 32. There is no much difference between the 31 and 32 though, the deepening of texture can strengthen the grip of shoes to some degree.


Then it’s time to look at the actual performance next.




Cushion in outsole brings a feeling , similar to Air Jordan 28, which is comfortable and nice. After wearing them, you can obviously feel the Zoom well when you place enough pressure on the forefoot, and it feels so nice ,which is like stepping on a pillow. And there is a feeling that it springs into action as you need it rather than it lingering around while you may not be in need of the cushion.

However, it may become a troublesome thing to stepping on the air cushion because the outsole is a bit too hard.Thus, I suggest you spend some time in that aspect before actual performance, then you can experience the best feeling of Air Jordan 32.




The biggest shortcoming of the 32 is grip, the same as the 31. Maybe because of the outsole material , the grip of Jordan 32 has improved compared with the 31 though, the start-up will be delayed sometimes.

At the same time, the unstable performance of grip is bad for players to do some actions, which may avoid people from buying. In short, you can consider buying this one if you are used to playing balls on wood grounds.




Wear resistance

It is a bit disappointing in grip though, it does do well in wear resistance. Based on Jordan 31, I think the 32 has improved a level ,because there is no obvious damages after my 2 hours wearing on roads.  Therefore, it may become an important factor for some people when buying.



Torsion resistance

Owing to Flightspeed system and the hard midsole , the shoes become more excellent and harder compared with Jordan 31. In actual combat, it is of great help to have stable outsole which can avoid some unnecessary injuries .


Of course, there must be some sounds that whether the wrapping will be weakened or not. However, it tells us the truth by action that the wrapping of Air Jordan 32 is still the best. And  I  love the materials of  Jordan 32 very much. It definitely isn’t the most breathable because of the layers, but this Flyknit is what I’ve been waiting for . There is no heavy glue usage, no TPU strands or yarn. Just really thick Flyknit that moves well with the foot. Meanwhile, filler in TPU is pretty thick and sufficient. And texture of the filler is very good and the filler provides excellent wrapping, which is not very breathable though.




Though there are some changes, it is still quite satisfying in support of Jordan 32.The support, with excellent outsole torsion resistance , makes you feel safer in actual combat. And if you’re able to find the size that fits you best then support shouldn’t be an issue.



Protection of Jordan 32 has improved ,compared with Jordan 31. When there are many sneakers that are seeking to decrease shoe weight, thus making the upper thinner, then support and protection of shoes will be greatly questioned.

But Air Jordan 32 is totally different . It has fully used materials ,which helps increase the height. And the thick TPU in heel helps provide excellent wrapping. Above all, the sneaker is in the way of maximizing its protection and minimizing its shortcomings.




If you want a pair of lightweight sneaker, then maybe Air Jordan 32 is not the best choice , but if you want a perfect protection and excellent wrapping one, it is absolutely your best choice then.



Except for the shoes’ price, grip of shoes and its overweight become the biggest barrier when buying. But objectively speaking ,the protection and cushion of shoes are pretty excellent, and wear resistance is also not bad,thus making it the ” strongest equipment” in some less slippery venues.

I have to say that not every shoe is made for every person, but there’s something out there for everyone. You just need to know what you are always seeking.