Air Jordan XX9 Performance Review

On April 18th,2014 Nike released the much anticipated Air Jordan XX 9 in New York. In fact,it doesn’t make us disappointed,either. The Air Jordan XX 9 is coming right out of the gates with this black/white/gym red version and is getting more and more popularity. For more details of its performance then go on reading.

The first time I saw the setting of the shoes,honestly speaking, I was quite disappointed.The shoe has only one Zoom equipped in the forefoot while there is nothing in the heel part. Compared with the Jordan XX 8 which has Zoom both in the forefoot and the heel plus a carbon board , the setting and design of Jordan XX 9 are disappointing,aren’t they ?

However, it is not to say that full and good setting can definitely does help during actual combat.Objectively speaking, we need to evaluate one shoe by its actual performance but its setting. And certainly,there is no deny that every edition of Jordan is equipped with the newest tech.For the Jordan XX 9,it was equipped with the world’s first functional woven upper.

In the image above,there are two editions of Jordan XX 9 that one is  a large LOGO burst while the other one is today’s Air Jordan XX 9 burst.

For the shoe box,it is thicker than other usually used ones and it is a little bright as well.

There you can see,the shoe paper and tag have the same element of midsole.

For its upper : As I mentioned,the Jordan XX 9 has been equipped with the world’s first functional woven upper. The materials used in the upper is durable and its texture feels pretty soft. According to some official introduction,the woven upper has four layers which offers full impact protection,comfort and support for the its wearer. During the whole game,the shoe provides quite a bit flexibility for you. The overall feeling is good.

When it comes to the shoe’s weight, I have to mention it. One single Jordan XX 9 with size EUR 44 weights 384 grams. After wearing it,the overall feeling is relatively lighter thus it will not give you any burden on foot.

The Jordan XX 9 seems more suitable for people who are guards for the design might not protect your big toe very well.

For the wrapping : The wrapping is good owing to the Flight Web system. It uses a mesh strip to wrap the foot and with combination with the shoe laces,the wrapping has improved a level. The Jordan XX 9 has no inner boot design but has only one side palm elastic band.

The shoe tongue is not very thin and the breathability is just so so but you will not feel sultry at all.

There in the toe is a symbolic sign which is nearly the same as Jordan 12.

For the cushion : You can see the tech of Zoom air cushion clearly ,which is small in the front chamber and big in the back chamber.

Compared with the last edition in the forefoot, it has changed the direction of the Zoom air cushion though it is still double chamber ZOOM air cushion.

It has changed in some aspects so the Jordan XX 9’s foot feel is not so bouncy as that of the last edition. Fairly speaking, the forefoot Zoom of Jordan XX 9 is not bad.

The FlightPlate tech is used in the midsole and by using the Pebax buffer board, it can give you motivation when there are explosive takeoff. And the buffer board can not only provides anti-twist performance ,but also controls the compression and deformation of the Zoom Air cushion unit.

For its grip :

The grains are basically processed flow of water and the grip is overall good. During your games I would suggest you play on clean courts or the  traction will attract dust to its surface which can affect your performance. After all, the XX 9 tag has said that ” Only for indoor venues”. As for the wear resistance, it is OK because of its good materials. When the sole is worn to a certain extent,the grip will increase in contrast.

The laces are oval while the lace head is round,which makes it easy to enter the hole.

Overall : The Air Jordan XX 9 is more suitable for guards. It needs little time to break in and helps you start up quickly.It works well in grip though the cushion is just so so and the upper support is a bit bad, I just want to say it is very comfortable to wear it out. If you are considering making it as your next target of purchase,then why not just grab one ? Trust me,it can’t let you down.