Air Jordan XX(20) Performance Review

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The Air Jordan brand always stands for Nike’s excellent ability. The Air Jordan 12 is the first sneaker that has carbon board + zoom and while the Air Jordan 11 is the pinnacle of air sole. They are both very popular .Then how about the Air Jordan XX ?

Launched in 2005, the Air Jordan XX means it was Nike and Jordan Brand’s 20th anniversary. This “Varsity Red” was the first colorway to leak to sneaker forums and the first to hit retail in February 2005. If you want more information then here we check…

For its appearance : it’s true that the appearance is important because it adds extra points to its impression in your heart. The Air Jordan XX’s prototype is moto and when I first saw it I was quite fond of its streamlined shoe body . The large area of velcro with “Varsity Red” colorway make the shoe look pretty noble,which can not see from the Air Jordan 19 and 21 .

After all,just as the old saying goes” the benevolent sees the benevolence and the wise sees wisdom ”.For this aspect,I would say everyone has his own ideas.

For the wrapping and responsive :

The Air Jordan XX is soft not only because of its cushion setup,but also because of its midsole materials. The Jordan XX has been equipped with a pretty material in the midsole. Though it has used IPS tech,there is also an air sole put in the inner.

As for the responsive, Jordan XX’s responsive is much stronger than Zoom and Air Sole and so is the cushion setup. As I mentioned,the shoe is soft thus you can comfortably wear it on court and play to the fullest.Also,the wrapping is great. The inner boot wraps your foot pretty well and honestly speaking, I really enjoy it. However, because there are some issues that make me feel uncomfortable thus I highly recommend you buy a bigger size. Firstly, the shoe doesn’t have a tongue thus making it hard to put the shoe on. Second,the velcro will stick to your pants or another shoe frequently,which brings some inconvenience. Next,you might feel uncomfortable if you don’t wear high-top socks. Finally, the velcro might be not so durable.


For the stability and support :

The outer side of the shoe protrudes to prevent the foot from flipping outward,which is a pretty easy design but very effective.

The heel fillers is sufficient and wrap your ankle tightly and above all, it can avoid some dangers.This Jordan XX is in fact a low-top one,so it can’t be more suitable to wear it out in daily life. In terms of its support and stability, it does very well so your will rarely get injuried. In other words, there is no much difference between low-top ones and high-top ones.

The velcro is equipped in order to make up for the negative impact of the absence of the carbon board in the shoe.

For its grip : I once suspected that the shoe’s grip is not good. However,the moment I saw the traction I just can’t help but think that I am going to receive some awesome traction with harringbone in place. And not until I wore them did I knew how well the grip works. Though there are some slippy issues when changing movements,it does not matter and it will not influence much.

Here I have to mention that wiping sometimes will does help because the traction will invite dust to its surface during your games which is bad for your performance.

For its durability : the shoe’s durability is not bad at least for me . I have to say without any exaggeration that the Air Jordan XX is the most durable in the whole 20-23 owing to its texture and grains. And different colors have different degrees of durability especially the pure white and black,they are pretty easy to crack. If your Air Jordan XX has been smoothed then you can freely wear it out and it will not influence its still excellent performance.

Overall : I am happy I can just get one pair of Air Jordan XX. It is not because f anything but simple because it is one of my more favorite and I am looking forward to playing in it.

On a personal level, I think everything of the shoe is first class. If you are seeking some bouncy feeling or some great grip or even some excellent support then why not grab a pair of Air Jordan 16? It can’t let you down.