Jordan Super .Fly 5 Performance Review

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The Jordan Super .Fly 5 launches with a price of $150 on June 30th in  China, with a global launch hitting on August 1st. Although not an official signature shoe of Blake’s, this flagship model has been one of the more trusted hooping options thanks to key technology points like Zoom Air, Flywire, and more.  Today let’s have a look at the detailed information.

Although there was an incident which happened in Super .Fly 1, we don’t need to worry about the problem because the air cushion has changed into Zoom from the 4th version.

The upper material of Super .Fly 5 is the hot melt FUSE which is very light and breathable and can provide excellent wrapping. Combining the embroidery design concept with the latest technology , it can further enhance the beauty of the shoes. And there is the sponge in the heel of the inner boot ,which provides ankle protection and comfort. In addition, the Zoom in the midsole not only provides adequate cushioning ,but also has fluent  start-up performance. Besides, the TPU in the shoes can also provide supporting for feet. All mentioned above are the technologies used in the Super .Fly 5.



The basketball shoes are especially designed for the characteristics of basketball sports. So their protection and torsion resistance performance are better than other shoes. Therefore, it is very important to have excellent protection for a pair of basketball shoes.

The protection of Super .Fly 5 is not bad. The FUSE upper provides excellent wrapping for the shoes, and combined with TPU, the torsion resistance performance of the shoes is greatly improved.


Wear resistance

The excellent wear resistance is necessary for a pair of good shoes. In fact, we not only care the tech setting of the shoes,but also its service life. And  I’ve just wore them out in the roads for two hours, but they were not worn at all.



Personally,I think the start-up is of great significance for some people who seek breakthrough. So the excellent start-up really helps me a lot in the actual combat.

In my view,the start-up depends on the grains in the sole, the wrapping and the air cushion. When in actual combat, the rhombus grains in the sole provides good grip .



Though the Zoom is only in the forefoot, the other parts are all cushion technologies. The midsole of Super .Fly 5 is very thick and it does fully uses materials,which is worth of  the price of $150. Surprisingly, I think that I could feel the Zoom unit quite well.The Zoom unit feels pretty bouncy and the overall cushion provides good impact protection . So there is no need worrying the your knees will get injured. But as is known to all, the life of cushion glue is not very long. Therefore ,the cushion effect may be not so good after a period of time.


Although it has been the 5th version of Super Fly series, it has not so good reputation like Hyperdunk and Soldier series. As a pair of basketball shoes, there is no Flywire tech in the shoes, which is a bit disappointing.



The wrapping for the ankle and the start-up are pretty excellent. And I am sure it will improve its wear resistance in the near future.Though the Super Fly 5 retails at $150, which is very overpriced for such a mediocre shoe. But the cushion and fit are just so good. After all, it is satisfying overall and maybe you will fall in love with it.