Jordan Super.Fly MVP Performance Review

Over the years, Jordan Brand has had numerous sneakers that performed exceptionally well for its athletes. Especiallly the series has always had a very good reputation in the actual performance . Since the 2017 started using the cushioning last year, this sneaker has also begun a new chapter. Today we bring this latest MVP,we are will test the performance .



This MVP uses a large fabric upper,maybe 80% fabric material. only leaves two stitching lines on the inside and outside , that is look so simply .  In order to improve the overall wrapping of the shoes, the MVP uses a V-lace cable with a traditional mid-open  for the upper design. By stretching the laces, we can see that the laces will adjust dynamically . The shoelace system exerts the greatest adjustment effect, also it will  enhancing the wrapping of the shoes.


Compare with the last version, what is the setting will be different ? However the traction pattern looks to be a modified version of what we saw on the Super.Fly 2017 so we’re hopeful that it performs up to that standard.In addition ,in order to improved the supporting , MVP fully expands the white midsole and extends directly to the upper part to  heel part,  that is  directly enhancing the support of the ankle.



The shoes is used the rubber with the round pattern , and there are five black  round pattern with the number <88><91><92><96><98>, it is means the year in which MJ got the NBA regular season MVP, and in the four years of <91><92><96><98>.NBA Finals MVP wins appear on the outsole within each pod — the 91, 92, and 93 at the forefoot celebrate the first three-peat while the 96, 97, and 98 appear at the midfoot through the heel.


Firstly , I can felt the comfortable when take is a different material compare with the last model.If you prefer an old school build with modern design then go with the Jordan Super.Fly 2017 versions that offer nubuck forefoot overlays. But the MVP is different,it is used the leather ,it is will be soft then mesh material.

The pair I played it some days , I felt it  a bit more stiff and supportive,even  I’m not a huge fan ,but it is work very well in the court , more supportive and the comfortable.

you will felt the  similar heel builds  like the last model.but with a more modern forefoot overlay done up in textile and mesh.


For the weight , the  shoes just have been 440g, it is too lightweight. But the shoes work well. maybe the higher top type shoes.The high-cut setting and thicker padding make the shoes  more weight.

Fortunately, the sneakers are breathable. Compared to other high-top style basketball shoes, Jordan Super.Fly MVP  does not have a particularly heat  feeling after wearing for a long time.




For the supporting : The high-top design gives a certain amount of support on both sides of the ankle. It may be because the overall support for the upper, so Jordan Super.Fly MVP improved the material it used  make the reinforcement makes it not well protect the toes. At the same time, the sides of the upper have a relatively large deformation when changing direction, and wearing for too long may cause wear.


For the cushioning : it is nice , this pair of practical shoes uses a React foam cushioning.React, Nike’s “new” foam, is one of the most hyped cushion systems that I can remember in recent years, and now  the Jordan Super.Fly MVP also followed the last model.The first feeling of wearing  have been a little stiff. After  for a while, you can feel a little  responsive for the cushion,someone said the shoes have been not the bounce and feedback , I guess that it is need too more weight . However, I do love how the cushion was implemented full-length because it makes me feel like Nike and Jordan Brand are listening to consumers. The  full-length cushioning systems  did a great job  and work well .


For the grip :This MVP with a ring pattern with rubber. The friction on the wooden floor is excellent. The traction with the XDR outsole is also available in the commercial version, which makes it wearable and durable. The extended forefoot also gives the shoe a certain amount of protection. The strength, I believe that such a big bottom will have a good grip performance .However, the midsole tooling wraps up the forefoot ,and keeps you on the footbed.

Overall, the  price of 140 usd  as the last iteration of the Super.Fly, and might release before the start of the 2018 NBA season.The supporting and cushion and material are nice .