Jordan Ultra Fly 2 Performance Review

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While the NBA game is hot ,the Ultra Fly 2 on Joe Johnson’s feet has also attracted the attention of everyone instead of the original obscurity. Though it is also named Ultra Fly,it is quite different from the first edition no matter setting or appearance. And we’re definitely happy that the brand took things an entirely different route and ditched the Kurim overlay system. Today we will have a check.

For its cushion : From the image you can see the shoe has also equipped with sector Zoom Air cushion while the back part uses the rare hexagonal Zoom Air which is similar to what LeBron series has used. Once you start using it,you will have a pretty bouncy feeling and you place more pressure on it ,the feeling is more obviously.

Though the shoe starts off feeling a bit heavy feeling underfoot,it is because the fairly dense Phylon midsole used here. On top of that, I dare say that the cushion setup of the second edition is more suitable for most people while the first edition has only forefoot Zoom Air. Not only does the cushion work well,but the speed of start-up also in increases. Its overall design ideal for swinger type players with strong mobility.

For the wrapping : I am sure many fans can recognize immediately that there are many similarities between Ultra Fly 2 and Jordan 15 in appearance. Based on my memory, I think the shoe’s wrapping can be said to be super tight. Its one-piece boot design and Flightweb lace system both make its wrapping impeccable.

Besides, there is a TPU supportive board instead of carbon board though. But it works well just as a carbon board and improves support and anti-rotation of the sole. In short,the support features one would expect to be in place are all here and accounted for.

In actual games, it will cradle my feet at all times and does not allow me to ever feel like I about to be ejected off of the shoe’s platform. As for the upper,it is made up of fabric and synthetic material which ensures comfort for the instep.

For its shoe type : The shoe type is very narrow especially the toe. Before buying I highly recommend you try them on or you might feel quite disappointed. Owing to this characteristic,you may also feel it a bit hard to put on. As I’ve mentioned,some parts of upper are made of synthetic material so it is a little hard but can protect your foot very well.

For its grip : The outsole grains are nice,right ? Then does the grip works nicely as well ? However,the fact will make you disappointed.I can say its grip is just so so. When on courts that are not very clean then dust is collected quickly within the black portions of the outsole which results in an inconsistent feel at times,but while the white sections gripped the floor without issue — dust or no dust.

For different shoes the grip works differently as well. It is not to say one shoe must have excellent grip as long as it has high-end technology. This point is different from the cushion setup.

Overall : Except that it is just so so in grip while the other parts of shoes are satisfying,which I can hardly describe in words. Here I have to mention it that the white shoe body is easy to get dirty so you need to take care of it carefully.

Though the Jordan Ultra Fly 2 is a bit heavy with a suffocating fit,  however,you’ll find that it performs well and breaks in very nicely as long as you give it enough playing time. Only when you get along with it can you fall in love with it. It is worth your purchasing.