Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 Performance Review

Russell Westbrook has been Jordan Brand’s premier athlete for years now  and his performance is really excellent. Many fans are wondering when Russell Westbrook would be honored with his first signature shoe.Then the wait is finally over because Nike and the Jumpman are ready to introduce the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 – the first shoe in what should be a bountiful line for the all-world point guard.


Then read the article below for more detailed information.

Releasing on February 15, 2018,with a price of $125, the overall shape of Why Not Zer0.1 is a bit complex though, it can be seen as composed of several parts. The shoe body part is a one-piece bootie and there in the heel is a technology which is similar to CMP tech desigh of Air Jordan 15. To some extent, it can strengthen support and guarantee stability of the heel part. In addition, the shoes have become lighter though, extensibility of the upper will become worse because of the upper material.


The midsole consists of Phylon and Zoom air cushion. This kind of setting guarantees stability and good feeling of shoes.



Design of the shoe body is not only complex, but also provides protection . However, besides the narrow shoe body, the good wrapping and worse extensibility  of shoe are all bad for people whose feet are wide. If you are really fond of Why Not Zer0.1, then you’d better consider the most suitable size carefully.



After telling you settings of the shoes, then it’s time to actual performance.And what surprises will

Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 bring? Can it be satisfying as we excepted before? Let’s have a look.


Advantage:(cushion and grip are absolutely outstanding)

I know that what you care most are cushion and grip of this shoes. The full foot Zoom air cushion performs really good. You can obviously feel the Zoom and it does  feel really nice and it seems like you are stepping on a pillow.When in actual combat, the feeling is more obvious because you’ve place enough pressure on it. But there is a thick Phylon between the heel and back palm, so it takes some time to get used to the shoes.


As I have said before,there is a CMP in the heel, so the protection and stability of shoes have also improved.

The toughness of the upper and the thickness of the lining are of great help in strengthening protection.There is no using of Flywire though, the practical and enough support of forefoot is absolutely not bad.



Personally, based on my experience, the shoes can be said to be perfect after wearing them for the first time,but shortcomings will appear after a actual combat.Though the support and protection of ankle are guaranteed, there is a phenomenon that the ankle part of the sneaker is prone to footrest because the support piece is too hard.



When in actual combat, you have to adjust your shoes many times because it is too tight,which has nothing influence for some people while some are not.


Because the wrapping is quite excellent, the shoe last is a bit narrow and extensibility of the shoes is not so good, the sneaker may be not suitable for some people whose feet are wide and fat. On top of this, the shoes are thick,therefore it is not breathable. So I must tell you all that I don’t recommend you wear this shoes to actual combat in summer because it is really really hot.




There are some obvious shortcomings though, I have to say that the shoes offer a bit of everything ,which can surely amaze the market most of the year.


There are so many footwear options in the PG category at the moment that there is something for everyone. But what a fantastic shoe this is and many people will  love playing in this shoes. It just feels nice and above all, it will not make you disappointed.