Nike LeBron 16 Performance Review

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The sixteenth signature shoe by Nike for LeBron James – the Nike Lebron 16 ,was officially released on September 20th.

Throughout LeBron James’ evolution as a player and a man,he has always had Nike by his side. And the design team is always trying to do their best. Of course, the LeBron 16 is nothing short of impressive. Honestly speaking,when I first saw the shoes ,I must admit that its charm is so fascinating that I even stared at it for a long time.

This signature sneaker is Nike especially created for LeBron James .As a NBA super star,James not only has strong dominance on court, but also performs excellently  out of court.

Then as James’ brand-new sneaker,will the LeBron 16 perform as greatly as its owner ? Here let’s check…

For its appearance :

The LeBron 16 is one of the top sneakers in the world and it is fashion as well. Its new materials,designs and some fashion elements all make it so appealing. It looks simple though, it is still charming. The shoe body is mainly black and with simple woven upper that a layer of bright red light is revealed.

At the heel part,there is a lion logo which is vivid,showing its majesty like a king. It is a symbol of James and it also represents James’ outstanding ability and domineering on the court!

For the wrapping :

Most consumers have said that the LeBron shoes are very light. On a personal level,if it is compared with the regular Flyknit then I would prefer the texture, comfort, and flexibility provided by the BattleKnit material in the upper of the shoe.

Thanks to the good wrapping, we will not experience any heel slippage or side-to-side movements. Though there are some complaints that the shoe can’t provide enough ankle support and foot containment, I would say it is just after some getting along with it can you know whether it is qualified or not. After all,everyone has his own idea.

For the cushion :

For this aspect,you will know that the bounce and feedback felt from the Zoom units is incredible if you have experienced. But objectively speaking, this setup is not perfect .It has some issues,either. You may also run into some instability during your games but it will not affect the shoes’ performance as a whole.

Just as many people has said,the LeBron 16 has really good cushioning because of the Zoom and Max Air combination in the midsole and I can’t agree more.

For the grip :

The sharpness of the traction pattern works because the outsole does not attract a lot of dust thus frequent wiping is unnecessary. During the actual combat, the traction will bite the court tightly like crazy glue. But I don’t recommend playing out in this LeBron 16 for the traction might be not durable .And it doesn’t need much time breaking in not only because of the great grip but also for its premium, stretchy, and lightweight materials.

Compared with the last version,LeBron 16 has been fully upgraded in technology. At the request of James,the shoe was changed from high-top into lower top which greatly helps James to move freely during exercise.

As for the upper,the LeBron 16 has been equipped with Battleknit 2.0 tech.Not only is this material strong and absorbs the impact of traversing ,but it also successfully streamlines all the extra layers that can affect James’ speed.

And for the midsole cushion,it is changed as well. The novel design can decrease the shoe’s weight and meanwhile offers extra support.

In addition, except for this black/red colorway there is also a just released one which is ”Harlem’s Fashion Row” and especially designed for female.

Overall :

I am quite satisfied with the LeBron 16 as it fits me quite well. The cushion,materials, fit and grip are all its highlights while the cushion is the best Nike has offered for many years.No one pair of shoes are perfect,so if you’d like to ignore some of its shortcomings then you will enjoy it greatly.