Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Performance Review

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It has been 10 years since Hyperdunk sreies was born. The ninth Nike Hyperdunk model, Nike Hyperdunk 2017, pricing $140, is a high-performance basketball shoe that features  a slip-on construction with a mix of some technologies.

The mid part of the Hyperdunk 2017 upper is equipped with Flyknit+ internal fill + super coarse Flywire. This has improved compared with Hyperdunk 2016 and meantime, the one-piece bootie design and half shoe tongue design help strengthen wrapping ,which can be said that this has been further improved based on Hyperdunk 2016.

The Swoosh in heel is one of the highlights of the sneaker.There is not the thick TPU in the heel like Hyperdunk 2016. When reducing weight , the heel stability is also ensured, which may be related to the heel filling and the Flyknit encrypted at the outer heel.


The woven lines of  Hyperdunk 2017 heel are obviously different from other parts which can be seen below.


No matter in what kind of ground even it is very slippy, I’d say that many people are completely satisfied with how the grip on the Hyperdunk 2017 turned out.The sneaker outsole uses the XDR technology which guarantees wear resistance of the sneaker. In addition, the all-new outsole grains improves the grip of the shoes.Even when there is emergency stop, it can firmly grasp the ground. In short, it is fantastic.


The wrapping of the shoes benefit a lot from the one-piece upper design. With its comprehensive setting, it feels comfortable wearing the shoes and it feels really nice and the wrapping does also perform really well.  Here I’d recommend that  wide footers go up 1/2 size because the sneaker is said to fit wide by two of our wear-testers .


 While React may be Nike’s most resilient foam cushion, it’s my least favorite. Though the React was questioned, it does make the shoes comfortable to wear with the soft insole at first.And the React seems to be more complex than we expected. After 2-hour training + 6-hour daily wear + 2-hour actual combat, the React really performed well in the aspect of floor cushion.

I know some prefer firm cushion because it aids with speed and agility and there will be no loss in mobility or a feeling of sinking into mushy cushion. Personally, if you love setups that are similar to the Kyrie line then you’ll also love the Hyperdunk 2017,but if you prefer a springy cushion then there are plenty of options that will give you that feeling, React just isn’t one of them.

Wear resiatance

Because of XDR in the shoes, we have a positive attitude towards the wear  resistance. After 10 hours wear, there isn’t any obvious damages in the shoes.


Originally because of the lining,we are not very optimistic about the breathability of the shoes. But because there is ample ventilation in the under the shoe tongue, the breathability is mainly in the upper.

Besides, the upper is relatively thinner, so it is also comfortable to wear it in hot summer days.

The weight of Hyperdunk 2017 is 395 g,which is 30 g lighter than Hyperdunk 2016 and 17 g lighter than Super.Fly 2017.The upper support, torsion resistance and its relatively light weight all become the shoes’ obvious advantages and are the reasons that you will want to have a try.


The Hyperdunk 2017 is very suitable for actual combat. The grip ,wrapping ,cushion ,wear resistance and breathability are all standout features.Meantime, the React does spare no effort to try its best and escort every player.


Then would I still recommend the Nike Hyperdunk 2017? Certainly, the answer is yes. And why not put them on and go to actual combat ?