Nike Hyperdunk X Performance Review

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Nike’s Hyperdunk X has surfaced in a new colorway: an extra-clean black/black-white.It is available now.Just look for it at Nike stores and online in August for $130. The shoe features several familiar design and functional cues from previous models such as Zoom Air cushion in the heel and forefoot, a lightweight mesh upper, inner bootie, and a high peak at the ankle for protection.For more details then here we go…


I am sure that the Nike the popular tech: React,can be seen in many sneakers such as the Hyperdunk 2017 and 201,but the tech is not used in the Hyperdunk X this year.Instead,it uses the Zoom Air cushion in the forefoot and the heel,which can obviously feedback to you the springy feeling the moment you step on it.And according to an image I’ve seen before, the heel unit is huge though,it does have little influence on the shoe’s performance.During the actual combat,the setup can effectively alleviate the impact of falling and offers you motivation when there are start-ups.In terms of the court feel,personally I think the Hyperdunk X does better than the last version.


The shoe features engineered mesh upper that is very lightweight, breathable, but can be easily damaged during game-play.So the Hyperdunk X did reinforce the mesh upper and provides greater durability.On the other hand, it limits the amount of airflow that mesh traditionally brings. While it isn’t suffocating and the ventilation is nice,you will felt it great ,especially in summer ,the air can fly through the shoes,very breathable,right?


From the image above you can see the Zoom Air cushion clearly,which remains the same as the Hyperdunk 2016.And as for the grains in the outsole,it is herringbone once again which might be better than Hyperdunk 2017 .As is known to all,this kind of setup is great in the actually game ,therefore,it is widely used in many shoes .And the XDR has further improved the shoe’s durability as well.

In my view,the shoe’s grip performs OK in a relatively slippery indoor floor.It is the grains that play a significant role in improving the grip.The grains can feedback to the players friction almost every direction though the design is a bit simple,just acceptable to some degree.But one shortcoming is that the visible Zoom Air cushion decreases the shoe’s grip.Whether you choose to play indoors or outdoors,”just put your heart in the belly”,the shoe is very practical and you can certainly benefit from it.


The wrapping is always good in the Hyperdunk series,which is known.One new point of Hyperdunk X is that the wider lacing structure that offers additional lock-down with Flywire which is a piece of good news for some players and maybe some of you will also like the locking down your feet well.Though the Hyperdunk X’s upper is just thinner than the last version,it does wrap the feet so well,maybe better than you expected.And the stability in the heel and ankle part is ensured as well.Based on my experience there was not any slippy issues on court except that the floors are wet.In short,as an advantage of the Hyperdunk series,the shoe certainly can’t let you down in this point.

Support and Fit

The shoe’s support is great too.Compared with the Hyperdunk 2017 ,it is different,but the external heel counter, along with an additional external reinforcement piece both make the shoe’s performance fantastic.Though it has some points that remains the same as the last version and it seems like an upgrade,the support is just as great as usual.As for the thinner upper and the limited hot melt material,I would say these will cause the shoe to be relatively weak in protection .Yes,the Hyperdunk X is a high top one,but it is pretty light which will not limit your movement in your games.

For the fitting,here I highly recommend you wide footers that you’d better go up 1/2 size or you may find it disappointed owing to not fitting.But once you find your size you are most likely to love it because it really fits true to size,which seems like you are wearing nothing.All in all,the feeling it brings is nice,even awesome.


Overall,the Hyperdunk X continues the excellent wrapping and cushion though the relatively thinner upper is not so satisfying.For such a price of $130,you can experience its excellent wrapping and cushion,isn’t it cost-effective?At least for me,I am really enjoying what it has brought to me.So do you like it?If so,why not have a try?