Nike Hyperdunk X Performance Review

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Today I’ll bring the Hyperdunk X Performance Review to you.

In 2008, Kobe led his team to win the game. Then the Hyperdunk was born and started its own era.

Every year, there are many people expecting that what surprises the Hyperdunk series will bring. And then there are also disappointment and satisfaction. But there is no doubt that Hyperdunk series is the leader of the same year.

Then we will talk about the actual performance of the Hyperdunk X today.


The pink and black colorway of Hyperdunk X is special. The material of the front of the shoes is space cotton.

Though the material was once used, many of you may ask if the material is used in basketball shoes, will it have a good effect? Then I have to say that the feeling is also good as usual.

When I first saw the shoes, it gave me a sense of comfort. In fact, it is more comfortable after wearing the shoes. The feeling is that the sneaker is very soft from the inside out. What’s more, the wrapping of the shoes can make you feel safe.

When in actual performance, the softness becomes a big advantage ,which can not seen in many other sneakers. For example, one shortcoming that the upper is too hard or too thin can be shown in many sneakers while we can’t see it in the Hyperdunk X. Meanwhile, after using the space cotton ,it can be suitable for more people.

Meanwhile, the space cotton is also used in the shoe tongue ,which increases the softness of the shoes. However, this material also has its own shortcoming .That is the breathability of the shoes is not so good. But personally, I think it is not a big problem if you don’t require too much.

From other photos and information, we can learn that maybe the late Hyperdunk X forefoot is a woven upper ,so there may be some difference in performance.


Nike has adopted the latest technology from the first version of Hyperdunk in 2008.  In 2017, the technology ,React ,was first used in the series. But when the picture of Hyperdunk X was shown, many people were disappointed to see that Zoom was reused instead of React. Maybe because we’ve highly expected the Hyperdunk X.

After wearing the shoes, the first feeling is that there will be a little bit collapsed when you stepping on them. Combining feeling and performance, I think it is an excellent design.

I know that many people were once crazy about the Kobe 5 and Kobe 6. Then I think the HD 18 will bring a similar feeling that Kobe 5 and Kobe 6 have once given to you. And the sneaker is not only soft, but the cushioning is also sufficient. When it comes to the actual performance, I have to say the performance of the midsole is impeccable. But even it is excellent enough, there are also some shortcomings. After all, 8 years have passed.


After seeing the shoe type and sole, you can be confident that the stability of the shoes is not bad. In terms of actual performance, the shoes can perform well in the aspect of stability and rollover prevention .

Once again , I think the forefoot of the sneaker is not so stable. First, because the upper material  is so soft that the support of the shoes is insufficient.Then , the middle layer of the upper is too soft, which is unlike Curry 5. Finally, I think maybe because the gravity center is a bit too high, so the stability is not so good.

As a matter of fact,when I am wearing the Hyperdunk X, I think there are no many surprises, there are just some familiar good feelings. Sometimes, when a new sneaker appears, what most people concern is that whether there are latest technologies or excellent designs in the shoes. However, though there are some shoes that have excellent designs, there are some maladies which will appear in actual performance.


It has been 10 years since the Hyperdunk series was born. As the latest version, Hyperdunk X performs humbly and it is absolutely practical. In my opinion, Hyperdunk X is a good choice for actual combat. If you are seeking for a pair of good sneaker, then I suggest you should try Hyperdunk X which can be suitable for most people. In fact, many sneakers like Curry 5 all have the stars’ personal preference elements.

While Hyperdunk X is suitable for most people no matter you are basketball beginner or an elite lover. For Hyperdunk X, though it doesn’t have endorsement stars, it finally ushers in its own era. During these years, the Hyperdunk series has works that are excellent and also has some works that are not so good, however, there must be some works that many of you are crazy about.

Many of you who are concerned about Hyperdunk series will know the difference between limited edition and allocated edition. Maybe you will ask why there are so many  users and why Hyperdunk series is so popular,then I think it is because of Nike’s positioning for the Hyperdunk series.

Of course, for such a pair of practical sneaker, pricing $130, it is worth buying. What’s more, it is cost-effective and can be suitable for most people. Remember that the Hyperdunk X is a low-risk choice and can be satisfying.