Nike KD 8 Elite Performance Review

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Releasing in 2016, with a price of 200 dollars, the Nike KD 8 Elite is Kevin Durant’s signature Nike shoe for the 2016 NBA Playoffs. Today let’s check out a detailed look at the latest KD Elite 8 colorway and know that you can get  one of the shoes.

I am sure that many of you will be attracted by Nike KD 8 Elite the first time you see it. Besides its novel design, you will find the sincerity from the designer in Nike KD 8 Elite.


Different from the regular versions of Nike KD 8, Nike KD 8 Elite uses snake leather upper which looks pretty textured. And the use of Kevlar aramid fiber ( Its strength is five times that of the same quality steel, but the density is only one-fifth of the steel.) can provide excellent supporting and protection.


The inner boot partly uses foam which can provide supporting and the breathability of the sneakers.

Because of the use of TPU material, the stability of sneakers has improved greatly, which can prevent players from serious injuries.


Then let’s have a look at the actual performance of Nike KD 8 Elite.

1 Protection

As I have said before, the moment you see Nike KD 8, many of you will be attracted by its inner boot. Though the upper looks a bit high, can the protection of ankles be satisfying?

I am sure you can’t be satisfied if you simply look at the upper. However, the supporting for ankles is pretty excellent. Combining the snake leather upper with Kevlar foam, the sneakers can prevent some dangerous accidents.

2 Cushioning.

The Nike KD 8 Elite has Nike zoom air cushion in the midsole which helps players bounce better. So we can see the Nike KD 8Elite performed not bad in the actual combat and the cushioning is pretty satisfying.

3 Grip and wear resistance.

We can see that the grip of Nike KD 8Elite is quick excellent in the whole actual combat process . I am quick sure players can play freely with the Nike KD 8Elite.


4 Comfortability.

Before buying a pair of shoes, most consumers think comfortability is one of the most important factors. I have to admit it is hard to wear the sneakers at first especially for some people whose feet are wider. After wearing the sneakers, you can obviously feel that the wrapping is pretty excellent. But I suggest you think carefully when buying because the upper is really high.


I am sure you all have your own ideas about the appearance of the sneakers. The pictures above can help you learn more directly.


I believe that the Nike KD 8Elite will perform nicely . Though the sneakers has reached $200 , I am sure they are worth the price and someone will like them.