The Nike Kobe 11 Elite Performance Review

After a long waiting, we are lucky to see the Kobe 11 sneakers. Let’s check it together.

It seems that there are always some comments after the Kobe series release new versions. Just like other regular versions, the appearance of Kobe 11 is so mediocre that many people can’t accept it. And even many people will ask : What the hell you think ? But I am sure that you will be fascinated by it after a period of time. Then I will share you all with the excellent performance of Kobe 11.

As a new version, Kobe 11 also uses the low-cut design, which makes the shoe body look a bit like soccer shoes. The BruceLee colorway of Kobe11 is the same with Kobe5, but the texture of Kobe11 is just better. And we can see the technology used in the vamp strengthens the supporting and durability of the sneakers. Different from other regular versions, some special designs reduce the weight of the shoes. After a lot of improvement, we can finally see the excellent Kobe11.

In order to show you more, I’ve tested some aspects of the shoes and below are their points.(The full score is 10.)

Cushioning (8points)

The KOBE 11 remains the same as KOBE 10 in the shoes setting. But the Kobe 11 is a bit like the Kobe 9 in a plug-in insole. What’s more, the biggest advantage of Kobe 11 is that it is lighter than other versions. And the it is also more comfortable than Kobe 7 and Kobe 10. As for the feeling , you can experience it in the actual combat by yourself.

Protection (7.5 points)

Though the Kobe 11 has got many doubts about its protection owing to its appearance, I am quick sure it will prove itself in actual performance. After wearing the shoes, you will have a sense of safety. Based on other advantages, it can provide better supporting and wrapping. Here I suggest you go to try them on in physical stores if you want to buy the shoes.

Comfortability (9points)

The Kobe series always perform very well in comfortability . What’s more, with the Flyknit ,the lunarlon and the zoom in the midsole, the supporting of Kobe 11 is more excellent than other versions. But because of the low vamp, there will be a sense of force for some people whose feet are fat. After all, I think you consider carefully before buying.


The design in the insole is shown in Kobe11. Benefiting from the special design, Kobe11 performs pretty excellent in actual combat. And the front foot of the shoes is soft, which make you feel comfortable. In my view, the reactivity of Kobe11 can’t be compared with other sneakers, but the perfect combination of technology makes Kobe11 better.

Grip (9 points)

With the delicate stripes in the sole, the grip of Kobe 11 is quick good. I have to say the grip can be satisfying no matter in what kind of grounds. So if you want to learn more, I suggest you see the actual performance of Kobe 11. And the wear resistance of Kobe 11 is similar to that of Kobe 10.


,Personally, I think the Kobe 11 has improved a lot. Based on other versions, it doesn’t like what we expected before, but it does bring us some surprises . And I also think it is worth buying which will not disappoint you. Maybe it is the last pair of sneakers of Kobe’s NBA career, but surely it will be in our memories forever.