The Nike Kobe a.d Mid Performance Review

After Kobe retired,Mamba Day becomes a grand festival when the funs of Kobe memorize their idol stadium.But with this year’s Mamba Day approaching,brand new Kobe series signature shoes,Nike Kobe NXT 360, is coming as well.

Since the eighth generation,Kobe’s signature shoes have gradually begun to lighten.Follow Kobe’s own idea,  every generation of Kobe’s sneakers is lightweight enough and can also try to balance supporting and wrapping.Meanwhile,the configuration of the full-hand Lunarlon midsole with the back palm has also become the ‘exculsive configuration’’ of recent generation of kobe shoes. Though similar shoe type and configuration are easy to make people aesthetic fatigue,I have to say Kobe’ signature shoes are still Nike’s strongest guard shoes.

Though failed to bring you the Kobe NXT 360 review in time, we bring you the last generation signature shoe this time,Kobe a.d Mid.  Now that the market price is gradually improving,let’s have a look at how this pair of China a.d performs.

As a ‘’middle version ‘’ of Kobe a.d,Nike Kobe a.d’s configuration also has further changes.The upper is made of suede and reinforced with artificial leather at the junction between the midsole and upper and additional modules are also set on the heel.Meanwhile,the sneakers also have support for Flywire inside the body to ensure the stability of the body.We still worry that the large-sized suede upper of the shoes will become extremely fragile due to external forces such as stepping etc,but I have to say,the upper hardness of the shoe is really good.

The midsole of the sneaker uses a series of conventional full-hand Lunarlon plus a cushioning configuration of the backsoom zoom,which is not difficult to expect.However,this time the sneaker adds a carbon plate between the midsole and the outsole to ensure a torsion resistance,which is an improvement over Kobe a.d.

The crystal outsole is densely corrugated ana loos like a grio,but because the grain is thinner and the texture is softer,it looks a bit less optimistic on the wear.

Compared with the engineering mesh woven mesh that are often used in sneakers,the suede upper used by Kobe a.d Mid has been a lot stiffer.Based on adding suede,attached to the inside of the suede,Flywire further enhances the upper support of the shoe and though it adds weight to some degree,  the improvement of the stabilily of the feet is also very effective.In actual combat,we can feel that the sneaker upper combined with the forefoot inner boot tightly wraps the feet,which feels safer compared with Kobe 11 Elite.

At the same time,in order to gurarantee the durability of the sneaker,Kobe a.d has a leather connection at the midsole and the body joint,which is said to be sophisticated design.

Maybe you are still abandoning Owen’s cushioning before the hardship and the back of PG1 is hard ,then…….Why not learn about the Kobe.

The midsole’s full-hand Lunarlon with the back palm is indeed guaranteed on the cushioning, and Lunarlon’s just the right thickness ensures that you can feel the driving force of the breakthrough.If you always think that Owen’s forefoot is too hard and he is seeking feedback’,then the signature of the Kobe may let you feel that it is really expensive.

Carbon board becomes a ‘’shoe savior’’.For many people who have worn the Kobe a.d,one of the biggest disadvantage of which is the lack of antitorsion.But this time,Kobe a.d added a quarter-length carbon plate near the full arch[The carbon board almost fill up the whole arch].The phenomenon that the sneaker is hard to lateral twisting also proves that the sneaker have strong anti-twist performance.


Dose ‘’Mid’’ really achieve ‘’Zhong Bang’’ performance ,Though Kobe a.d Mid has one more Mid than Kobe a.d,the increase in the upper dosen’t reach the expected protection enhancement.May because the lace hole is too far forward and plus the upper position is still in the ankle joint, the heel wrap performance of the sneakers and the ankle protection have almost no improvement.Though for the pursuit of speed ,the ankle protection is basically a part worth sacrificing, the increase in such uppers is a bit confusing and there is a feeling of ‘’changing for generations’’

The durability of cushioning materials is not optimistic.

When comes to the disadvantange of the midsole of the shoe……We have to say the durability of Lunarlon.After 8 hours actual combat and the daily travel 4hours assessment process,we sadly found that Kobe a.d Mid had seen obvious folds.Compared with the life of other materials , Lunarlon has become the biggest weakness of cushioning technology itself and coupled with the disadvantages of the wear resistance of the shoes,the life of Kobe a.d Mid may become the biggest barrier for you to buy it.

The wear resistance is worrying.  The grip of the sneaker is relatively good,with gif testimony.

But the durability of the sneaker is really pitying.Just within one week,we can see the sole of the sneakers have very obvious signs of wear.And when the cushioning life and the durability of the shoe are added together, the length of the use of the shoe is also limited.If you like the feel of Kobe a.d’s actual combat,then don’t wear them out to the road often,or the time it accompany you in the court will be no long.

Just less than one week,the rubber sole appeared in the midsole of the shoe.


The actual life of the sneaker isn’t optimistic, but whether it is an excellent balance between cushioning and starting or high stability of the shoe body and midsole all make Kobe a.d Mid can sit on the throne of Nike “king shoe performance” (regardless of cost performance).

Of course,we recommend Kobe a.d Mid to you who seek pace like Kobe,I am sure that you have the ‘’Mamba spirit’’ in your heart and you will love this pair of real-life signature shoes of speed.