Nike Kobe A.D.NXT Performance Review

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In my opinion,maybe the Nike Kobe A.D.NXT is the most unique basketball shoe out now. But why? Because it features an unconventional lacing structure meant to give ultimate lockdown support for each foot to go along with a lightweight Flyknit upper.Also,a drop in insole features Lunarlon and a Zoom Air bag.Just think that,it is the Elite version to Kobe’s twelfth signature sneaker then will you get excited?If so,then let’s take a look at the protagonist of today’s review together.


Performance wise,you can benefit a lot from the shoes if you choose them because the cushion setup is going to be great in terms of impact protection, comfort court feel and responsiveness.What I would say is that this setup works really well, providing you with sufficient impact protection in the heel while keeping the forefoot cushioned enough without losing any court feel.

The cushion setup is nearly the same as the previous versions but it does improve the court feel.Also,the full-length Zoom Air is equipped in the version of the NXT. And the drop-in midsole also has flex groves that provides a lot of flexibility. Personally,the mix of the full-foot Lunarlon and the heel Zoom is what I like most and can be suitable for most of you.The thick Lunarlon can prevent the insole from moving and the Zoom feedback to you the very bouncy feel as long as you place enough pressure on it.Just an awesome feel.If you happen to be a fan of this cushion setup then you’ll like to be overjoyed not only because of its versatility but also because of its practicality.


As a guard shoe,the shoe’s grip and stability are of great importance which can add extra points for the shoe.The outsole of the shoe is actual a transparent crystal sole with white paints surrounding it.Besides,the triangular broken outsole grains gives grip in all directions. No matter in what kind of surface and no matter what the conditions are, the grip performs well as usual.Its ability of biting the floors is just out of expectation.But if dust is present there will be some wiping needed periodically, and that’s normal.

During the whole process of testing, the grip of the shoe is very excellent.There are not only an anti-rollover design on the front side and the hell ,but there is also a TPU wrapped around the heel.The new lacing system with the woven upper just offer great support for the wearers whether there is an accelerated breakthrough or an emergency stop .And the only issue is the shoe’s durability but it can’t be a deal breaker if you don’t need too much.In short,you just need to know that the Kobe A.D. NXT’s grip will perform well for you — even if the original Kobe A.D. grip did not.

Appearance and Materials

Objectively speaking, the Nike Kobe A.D. NXT in my opinion does not looks like a basketball shoe at all.The first impression it gives me is that it seems like a running shoe and also like a casual shoe.But,there is always a but,just as Kobe himself,whatever the shoe’s technologies or appearance,is always giving us amazing surprises.Not only does it feel light and comfortable overall,but it also does great help in your games,which matters most.


As for the materials,though the NXT and regular version of the Kobe A.D. are stated to have very similar materials, they don’t feel similar at all. The Nike Kobe A.D.NXT offers a mesh textile build that is very breathable while the Kobe A.D does not have.And the shrouded overlay is a knit material that seems to have some TPU threading throughout for reinforcement.

In short,personally,I think this is a shoe that can be worn both on and off court. Honestly speaking, it is a Kobe so some people are going to wear it on and off court regardless of the look.


The length feels pretty true to size.Seeing the shoe’s images you ‘ll find that the brand new lacing system seems novel and maybe it also confuse you to some extend,but it is just so easy as long as you carefully observe it,which is absolutely quicker than tying your shoelaces.Below are images that will show you the instructions.

After lacing it tightly the Flyknit upper wraps around your foot tightly thus you may feel you don’t wear anything on.However,I highly recommend you go to your nearest store to try them on before purchasing as you might have to go up half a size if you do not like a super snug fit. Sadly,I want to say that wide footers this might be not suitable for you.

And the lockdown is also a highlight of the NXT and it is truly awesome.Yes,it is awesome and even fantastic.Though the shoe doesn’t require much break in time at all ,there is also a big shortcoming which is about the durability.It can be a obvious problem as time passes




The support of the Nike Kobe A.D.NXT is just identical.In this aspect,due to the great wrapping and lockdown entirely,the support is just fantastic.And you sit low to the ground so stability is great while the overall containment (from the fit) is wonderful.In the overall actual combat there are not any issues.Personally,I am quite fond of it and maybe you’ll be addicted to it like me.


Though Kobe has retired,the Kobe sneakers have never disappeared.Definitely,all I mentioned above are showing that the Nike Kobe A.D.NXT will absolutely feedback to all of you guys.Its performance was amazing though many people didn’t believe it would perform so well but it really did.If the Nike Kobe A.D.NXT has successfully caught your attention and most importantly,you also like it then why not have a try?It is now available for $200.Maybe it should be your next Kobe purchase for on-court use.