Better Nike Kobe A.D: Kobe AD Mid or AD Nxt 360 or A.D. Exdous

The Kobe AD Mid, Kobe AD NXT 360 and Kobe AD Exodus have just released and now they are all available at the retailer shelves . However, when the three get together,definitely we will inevitably think which pair will be better and more suitable for actual combat. For this kind of problem,today we will give you more information which may help you a lot .

First let’s take a review. Let’s start with the kobe ad mid . The upper is mainly made of the suede and the inner is equipped with the Flywire dynamic flying line . In addition, a layer of artificial leather reinforcement is attached between the upper and the midsole.

But for Kobe AD NXT 360, the whole upper is equipped with a flyknit nylon weaving technology which directly connects the upper and the midsole. And on top of that,it also uses dofferent weaving density according to the different parts of the shoe to realize the integrated weave structure.

As for the latest released Kobe AD Exodus,its upper is almost made of suede as well. And  the large stitching makes the shoes look more like a casual shoe but a basketball shoe . Simple in terms of the upper setting , this shoe is very special. But because its new technologies,the shoe hasn’t have excellent wrapping . Therefore, the upper support is the worst of the three.

After some time playing outdoors, we can clearly see there is a certain degree of damages on the upper which can not be reversed. However , the relatively thicker sponge in the heel will help greatly.It can offer full impact protection for the wearer and make Kobe AD Mid better resist the force exerted by the ankle. For the midsole, the Kobe AD Mid is equipped with full-foot LUNARLON cushion with heel Zoom Air cushion.

The setting of midsole of Kobe AD Exodus is the simplest of the three models. At the back of the shoe,it has only used a piece of CAGE ZOOM AIR cushion.

Combining with this three models’ actual performance ,the Kobe AD Mid is more excellent than the Kobe Nxt 360 because the former can better protect our ankle. Though the flexibility is a bit absent ,the Kobe AD Mid is just better.

In terms of the wear resistance of the outsole,the Kobe Nxt 360’s performance is the worst for the shoe’s outsole is damaged the most so far. Its softer outsole and the outsole design both make the shoe not wear-resistance  while the Kobe AD Mid performs the best in this aspect. For the grip I should say honestly that Kobe Nxt 360 is the best of the three and it ensures excellent performance on wooden floors as it can hug the floor tightly.

So after some more information maybe you’ve had your choice and which pair will we recommend is self-evident. Though the design of Kobe Nxt 360 is novel and excellent,the tech in the shoe is not so mature that the midsole setting is not qualified. While the cheapest one – Kobe AD Mid stands out by its great wrapping and midsole setting.

Honestly speaking, the Kobe AD Mid is nearly perfect,but,it is still not perfect in fact. The shoe is not easy to care for and the upper is easy to be damaged,either. And the shoe tongue makes its wrapping decreased to a certain degree.

However,if you’ve fallen in love with Kobe AD Mid then we also highly recommend you buy a pair of thicker socks to make up for some of the kobe ad mid.


On a personal level,I am quite fond of the Kobe series not only for its excellent performance but also for  its monumental significance. Combining the price of these shoes, it can be said that the meaning is greater than the function. However, the new KOBE AD series also needs to be positioned to allow the Mamba spirit to continue.