Nike Kobe AD Exodus Performance Review

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Demar DeRozan donned the new Nike Kobe AD Exodus model during a game of the famous Drew League in Los Angeles.Since Kobe retired, the era of digitally named kobe signature  series has also finished, but now Nike  brought the kobe a.d series to us .But what is the difference between last model ? and how about the performance review?

So we will be look at  Nike Kobe A.D. 2018 in terms of design and performance.We will check it as below:

The  most different is the Zoom Air that came back in force this year.

This rather original color consists of gray, navy blue, yellow, with a hint of bronze on the sides and a nice multicolored Kobe logo on the heel.

The legend of the Lakers Kobe Bryant wears them proudly! And it suits him pretty well.The sole design is consistent with past Kobe models as it is low to the ground and utilized an emphasized outrigger, while the upper “slip-on” construction. Also they are two colorway for us to chooing.

aka Kobe Day has been confirmed for the “Sail” colorway, although it’s not clear when this purple Lakers edition .but it look great.



This latest Black/Red rendition of the Kobe AD 2018  was look great,the ‘Black/Purple’ because both feature a black build with multicolor accents throughout.  I think the  Black/Red colorway  will be more low key.


For the box ,it is normal just like the last model.



With more images it looks like this latest Kobe AD shares a similar material build to the Nike PG series; it uses mesh in the toe with synthetic suede or nubuck in the rear.The nubuck seem give the shoes more supporting .but this is the most different compare with last model.we  can felt more stiff of the instep  of the feet.If that ends up being the case then these would end up being one of the nicer builds of the Kobe modern lineup of performance basketball sneakers.

In order to enhance the protection of the foot, the Kobe Ad Exodus uses a partition design similar to the Irving 3 . This part forms a separate soft  heat welded TPU  frame. The shoes divide the upper into 3 parts and each part. Also separated by large area heat welded lines.


The insole have an Kobe logo, and it is comfortable.


For the supporting : it is just normal, but not too great .An external heel counter also found its way onto the KOBE AD and does a great job at cradling the heel and locking it down. but because of the shoes type of Kobe AD, so I am thinking of the shoes support just so so.



Kobe’s personal special symbol is embodied on the shoelace retaining ring. The three numbers printed on the right foot are “08”. “23” “78” refers to the date of birth of Kobe. The number of the left foot is “33” “08” “24” On behalf of Kobe in the high school of Raul Merion, the beginning of the NBA league period, and the three jersey numbers in the later period. Red and white scabbard on the tongue Logo creates a visual highlight of the shoe, while the right foot is embroidered with the same logo, and the left foot is colored embroidery with the word “KOBE”

For the traction :Traction looks very similar to the Nike Kobe AD NXT 360,we need more time to tested,  so let’s hope it’s more durable.But the first testing , the grip is nice . if you played outside court, it is must will be slip, also if you paly the  wet court , it is not good too.However, on ordinary courts that most of us play on you will be fine after the traction breaks in. Dust will still stick, and some wiping will need to occur, but it will be very minimal.

The flex zone at the forefoot states that it features “Composite Fiber.” We’re not sure if that points to the nylon lace strand or the rip-stop material the area looks to be made of.

We can look  closely  of the gif picture of  other colorway .


For the material:

The wholes have bee not used the Flyknit which more stretchy, but used the  short fur suede covers most of the sneakers. It is not only difficult to care for, and it is easy to become more dirty,so the shoes requires higher care and time .

The overall shape of the shoe is consistent with the speed of Kobe signature shoes, but it does not use the Flyknit woven material like the AD NXT. but used the suede with the rubber. This can provide better stability and wrapping  while demonstrating the elasticity and flexibility of the upper. The Kobe series has keep the protection and stability  for avoid the injury, while the rubberized style forefoot strap placed on the upper ensures this.


For the cushioning :

The cage zoom used this time ,someone said it is nice ,but for others, they dont like it . The cushion of the sneakers is good. The entire heel has a cushioning which more responsive and feedback. But  for some more weight guy , the cushion thickness is not enough, so its cushioning feeling disappears a bit fast.but it is enough as guard shoe.




Here are more the Gif picture as tested.


The anti-twist function of Kobe AD 2018 is very normal, and the deformation of the upper is obvious in the test, which indicates that the midsole of the sneaker plays an absolute role in resisting external forces.

Overall: I am thinking of the Nike Kobe AD 2018  nice,  compare with the NEXT 360 , it is more the protection of the shoes ,and the material will be more stiff, but the cushion is nice .

Let us know what you think of this Black/Red colorway of the Nike Kobe AD