Nike Kobe AD Performance Review

The Nike Kobe AD is Kobe Bryant’s twelfth signature shoe. The shoes released on November 22nd, 2016, pricing $160. The Kobe AD is the first sneaker to release after Kobe’s retirement from the NBA, and it features a mix of Flywire, mesh, Lunarlon, and Zoom Air. Then look at the introduction below for more information.


Kobe’s retirement in 2016 announced the end of Kobe’s career. And the sale of Nike ”Fade to black” series brings the Kobe series to the public once again.What’s more, many people are crazy about it. The popularity proves that Kobe series has a strong influence in the world. Then in order to inherit the Kobe spirit , how will the Kobe series go on ? We finally got the answer in November. Let’s take a look together.


The ”AD” stands for the first year,which Kobe has mentioned before.



Mentioning Kobe AD, what appears in my head first is that Kobe series always has its own style. The technology used in the upper is still Engineered Mesh. And we can also see the Fly Wire in the shoes. In order to let you know more about Kobe AD, there is a disassembly diagram below.

The upper material is simple and the texture on the upper can bring a sense of layering. Compared with other shoes which use the Fly Wire technology , the lines of Kobe AD are relatively thick.

Next let’s take a look at the structure of the whole midsole. It uses the Lunar material as the whole midsole and at the back of the shoes, it adds the Zoom cushion which is placed directly on the upper level instead of regular method.

The material used in the outside of the sneaker is the rubber material which helps strengthen the ability of resistance to torsion and rollover prevention. And the most appealing of the shoes is in the heel, where there is the TPU which shows the multi-color of the electroplating process. Then it’s time to have a look at the actual performance.



I can’t wait to wear the shoes the moment I got them. After wearing them, the first feeling is that it is very compact. It is not because the shoelace is too tight but because of the EM or FK used in the shoes . When in actual combat, owing to the characteristics of EM materials, there won’t appear the problem that the upper will press the soles of the feet.And there in the heel  of the shoes, it is filled with sponge which can protect the ankle well. Personally, I think the sneaker is nearly perfect to some extend.

For some people whose feet are a bit too fat , I suggest you buy some ankle professional protective gear.  And because of the excellent wrapping of the shoes, some of you may feel uncomfortable wearing  the sneaker.


Though Kobe AD also uses the usual combination of Lunar and Zoom, it is quite different from the regular versions. The Lunar appears in the midsole, but it is thicker and its density is bigger than the regular ones. When it comes to the cushioning of the shoes, I think Kobe AD’s is qualified and sufficient . And the Ortholite material in the insole is also soft.But if you are seeking the  rebound type, then I suggest you buy the ones that have Zoom in the forefoot.

3. Protection

Although the EM material is also used in the upper, it is different from the usual versions. You can find that it uses the weaving process if you observe carefully. More importantly, it helps improve the upper strength and can avoid severely deformed in actual performance. And the increased fly lines also improves the upper supporting.

5. Comfortability

In terms of comfortability, I need not say too much. The Kobe AD is flexible, lightweight and relatively breathable as usual, which you can experience yourself.

6. Start-up

Owing to the Lunar material, the fluency of start-up may be a bit insufficient.

7. Grip

From the 10th version, the Kobe series has used the design which is the great using of small grain lines in the sole. Because of the triangular small particles in the forefoot, the accelerating and emergency stop in the breakthrough process can be very practical . But the Irregular pentagons used in the heel relatively decreases the grip of back of the shoes.

8. Durability

First of all, the EM upper can be said to be durable , but it is easily to be damaged by external forces. So I suggest you should be careful when washing shoes and avoid touching sharp objects. Secondly, the crystal material and  the fine particles in the sole is designed mainly for the wood ground or the plastic material ground,so don’t wear them out too often. Thirdly,  the Lunar material used in the midsole can ease some bad phenomenons. And the durability of Kobe AD is just better  than Kobe 9 and Kobe 11. Finally, if you fond of wearing them out in daily life, then I think you’d better be careful because the TPU in the heel can be easy  to fall off the paint.

9. Appearance

Personally, I think the Kobe AD is a good choice when going out. The appearance of the sneaker is not bad and it can be said to be pretty to some degree.

10. Overall

Every version of Kobe series is loved by many fans worldwide. Besides the factor of its own designs, what matters most is that it has the valuable spirit,passion, obsession, determination, tenacity and fearlessness. Above all, it  has even influenced many people’s attitude towards life.

As the latest version of Kobe series, I am sure the Kobe AD can bring some surprises that you have expected before and after getting along with it, you will be obsessed with it.