Nike Kyrie Flytrap Performance Review

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Kyrie Irving’s signature shoe is one of the most accessible thanks to its low pricepoint. After released  the Kyrie 4, the Nike also released  less expensive to rep the Boston star thanks to his new shoe, which more similarity with Nike Kyrie Flytrap.

But how the performance ? is it like the Kyrie 4 ?

We will check it today.

Called a “Core” shoe rather than a signature shoe, the Kyrie Flytrap is priced at a mere $80 , but all of designs  are more similarity the Kyrie 4.


The toe cap portion used the heat welded fuse which more supporting. The black inner instep adds a nylon elastic strap to increase the fit and comfortable. The bottom end of the artificial leather of the heel corresponds to his jersey number.

On the upper material, KYRIE FLYTRAP used a breathable mesh upper.The Kyrie Flytrap utilizes a burrito-style fit system that wraps the lateral side of the shoe over the top of the medial, with an elasticized band over the forefoot that attaches the two layers.The knit does support and contain my foot just fine, and the breathability was on point. It is more similarity with the Kyrie 4, but the price will be more lower. If you wan to the lower price but the same material , Maybe you can buy this one .


The Flytrap name itself is a nod to his homeland of Australia, where the Venus Flytrap plant is prevalent (it was also a nickname for a special colorway of his Kyrie 1).



For the traction : KYRIE FLYTRAP only uses a hexagonal zoom air cushion in the forefoot, it is similarity with Kyrie 4.The rubber outsole wraps the entirety of the midsole on the lateral side of the sneaker from the midfoot to the toe.


So we will looking at the suporting of FLYTRAP,because of Flytrap used the more thiner upper material which less than Kyrie 4. if  I running or move fast , I can felt the toe have been more obvious under external force.


For the wrapping , it is nice , it is similarity the Kyrie 4.The tongue and the collar are also close to the foot when the sneaker is changing direction. The overall court feeling similar with the KYRIE4. The inside of space is enough , and the  wrapping is  nice  and tightly lockeown, which makes the feet more flexible and stability.



Maybe the upper material reason , it is will be lightweight. The single shoe weighs just only 350g. It has excellent an elasticized band over the forefoot that attaches the two layers. So the material is soft and comfortable. But the work is nice , Lockdown was OK, only because I had these bad boys tied tighter than a jelly jar. The elastic band over the forefoot wasn’t bad.


For the cushioning :

FLYTRAP’s air cushion configuration is similarity like the Kyrie 4. it is used the Zoom Air in the forefoot and and foam in the heel , It’s commendable for Nike to offer such a budget-conscious option for Irving’s fans, it is only a small hexagon zoom , but the performance is nice .

The overall material is  nice for the price It is suitable for friends who are light,  because of the more weight have been not enough.The Phylon is a little softer than what was used on the last Kyrie models


In the term of  anti-torsion , we just said that although the FLYTRAP uppers is more thinner , the stable midsole structure makes it resistant to the midsole deformation.The built-in TPU support  in the midsole ensures the overall rigidity of the sneaker. You can feel the feedback of the ground  directly. it will responsive when we play  .

Overall, Nike Kyrie Flytrap is worth the price . There’s simply not enough support and protection other than for the smallest and lightest of players.But compare with Kyrie 4 ,  all of material of Kyrie 4 is  will be good than  Kyrie Flytrap.