Nike LeBron 14 Performance Review

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After a long waiting, I am sure you are all thrilled to see this LeBron 14. Releasing on February 10th, 2017, with a price of  $175 , the LeBron 14 has got many praises in many aspects.

However, the LeBron 14 once got much criticism about its appearance, and the shoe type which resembled to the K D 9 was not recognized, either. When I first saw the picture of LeBron 14, I thought it was a pair of high-end team shoes. But after a period of time,  you will be obsessed with it.

Then why not have a look together?


The shoe box is in black and white and gray, but it is a bit too big. The material of the shoe box is very special and in the sides of it, there are some signatures which shows the honorable identity of the sneaker.


The LeBron 14 is like a sleeping lion who lays in the shoe box quietly, waiting for its owner to wake it up.

The colorway of LeBron 14 is mainly black and white. The black mesh upper and the blue crystal sole can surely feast your eyes.


If you think that the LBJ element in the shoes is too little, then you are wrong. Once you observe the sneaker carefully, you’ll find that there are many LBJ totems in the shoes. For example, there appears   “L J” in the shoe tongue and “23” in the insole, and we can see LeBron James’ signature in the velcro. What’s more, at the back of the hang buckles of LeBron 14 , there are two lion heads, and the one front is the signature and the other is the crown LOGO. And it writes “Just a kid from Akron” in the inner boot  ,which shows LeBron James’ love for his hometown.


The upper material of LeBron 14 is similar with the ones of LeBron 13 Low and Soldier 10. The upper is thin and flexible. And the wrapping and breathability are guaranteed. What’s more, the hot melt  material is used to increase the upper strength and meanwhile, decrease the pressure on feet. And the    T P U below the velcro is beautiful and practical.


The LeBron 14 also uses Hex Zoom air cushion. Then it is time to take a look at the actual performance.


What impresses me most is that the sneaker is hard to put on. So there are special designs in the shoes which helps you put them on easier.


The shoelace is thick and round,and if not tightly tied, it will be loose easily.



The wrapping is worse than expected. Though it is hard to put them on , it mainly relies on the shoelaces and the velcro to increase wrapping. Because of the T P U in the heel, the shoes can perform well in actual performance. And it is also very comfortable to wear shoes.



The TPU in the heel and side can not only provide supporting and protection, but also improve the

flexibility of the shoes. As for the anti-valgus aspect of sneakers, it can be satisfying because of the big air cushion and soft midsole.



No matter in what kind of ground, the grip of the sneaker will not disappoint you. Though I was skeptical about its grip at first, it was after a period of time that I found its actual performance was pretty good. Even in the wood board ground and rubber ground, the shoes can surely meet your needs.



I am sure the cushioning is quite satisfying because of the increased Zoom air cushion. And the big Zoom in the heel can protect feet from injuries. I can say the LeBron 14 has the best setting in the cushioning .


Compared with other regular versions of LBJ series, the LeBron 14 has reached a new height in many aspects. The moderate wrapping and protection make the shoes flexible. Even in daily life, it  is also a good choice to wear the sneaker.



As a pair of sneaker, though the LeBron 14 is not so satisfying in some aspects, it is excellent overall. I think the sneaker ,pricing $175, is worth your buying. Surely, it won’t make you disappointed.



Nike Lebron 14 Performance Test

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The Nike Lebron 14 is Lebron James’ fourteenth signature shoe. Releasing on February 10th, 2017, with a price of $175, the sneaker features a mix of mesh, engineered laser perforations, a midfoot strap, Zoom Air, and more. Then look at some details below for more information.


From his 18th until now,  Lebron James has become a legend in American sports industry. And what kind of surprise will the Lebron 14 bring to us? Let’s have a look together.

The digital “330” symbols  Lebron James’ love for his hometown.

The “BBZ” in the inner of the right heel represents Lebron James’  love for his three children.



The “Akron” in his right shoulder shows his love for his hometown and represents his start of  another championship journey.

The “MDL No.XIV 2016” means that Battle module No. 14 Lebron14 started in 2016.

The “23” symbols Lebron James’ 3rd champion.

There appears “XIV” (the sneaker is the 14th version) in the left shoe and “XXIII” ( James’  jersey number 2)in the right shoe.

The special design below shows the designer’s sincerity.

What James wore in the finals in 2007 was the Soldier 1.  And a decade later, James finally won his first champion.

The Lebron series also changed designer from the 7th version.

We can see from the design draft that the shoe lasts are similar from the 7th to the 10th version.


Compared with the 11th version, the 12th version did have improved .But the cushioning is just so so  and the grip is also hard to be satisfying .


Then it’s time to take a look at the actual performance.


The design in the sole is totally new.

I have to say the hex design in the 13th version makes the sneaker look  cool ,but it performs badly in actual combat.And it is uncomfortable to wear the sneaker.

What’s more, because of the hexagons in the sole, the grip is quite bad although the forefoot outsole looks big.

Compared with other versions, the traction on the Lebron 14 isn’t bad. Meanwhile, the grip of Lebron 14 has also improved because of the additional air cushion. After improving the outside of the sneaker, the forefoot is very soft. And its performance is better than the 13th version.

The design in the sole is brand new .And the stripes not only provides better grip, but also looks brand new even it is a little broken.



What kind of cushioning is good for players? Personally, I once thought the setting of sneakers was an important factor. In fact, when the Air Jordan 29 first released, I was quick disappointed. However, after a period of time, I found that its cushioning , the comfortable wrapping and the special design all made it an excellent sneaker. And while the K D 9 first released, I was appealed by its appearance and air cushion.But after a half month later, it is its high setting that became its biggest shortcoming.

In short, I want to say that the setting of a sneaker isn’t the most important. Only by wearing it can you know whether it is suitable for you.


The orange insole in the pictures above is from Lebron 14 while the blue one is from  Lebron 10 LOW.

They are both necessary Ortholite insole for excellent sneakers,but in fact, the blue ortholite insole is very ordinary and  it is really comfortable  at first for many people though.

Though the orange insole also uses ortholite material, it is quick  different from the blue one. The density of the orange insole is bigger and can provide better cushioning.

The thinner insole of Lebron 14 makes players more comfortable in actual combat .And the totally new cushioning , the grains of the outsole and the thinner insole design show the true soft power of a sports shoe brand.

General speaking, when wearing the Lebron 14, I think the cushioning is better and the starting is faster while the blue insole can’t give me the same feeling.

Influenced by some previous data, there are many performance reviews which are fond of scoring. But I think the scores are useless.

Personally, I will evaluate a pair of shoes objectively. In my view, what matters most is the main performance of the shoes which is more helpful for consumers.


In my opinion, what impresses me most is the cushioning of Lebron 14. The elasticity is   just right and there are not startup delay caused by excessive soft bullets such as K D 9.


The new special grains is another  innovative attempt of Nike. The grip of Lebron 14 is just right. In some cases, it is not the more powerful the better in the aspect of grip. Compared with Curry 2, I think the grip of Lebron 14 is safer.

Wear resistance

Maybe the wear resistance is of great importance for some consumers. Based on my experience, the wear resistance of LBJ hex series is not bad.And with the new design in the outsole, the wear resistance of the 14th version is just better .

Daily foot feeling

Considering that there are many people who like wearing sneakers most of daily times, I’ve listed some data. Owing to the excellent design, it is comfortable to wear the Lebron 14 in daily life. And I am sure you will enjoy it. In short, I can say the sneaker is nearly perfect.

We can see that there appears some latest technology in the shoes. And after wearing the sneaker for a period of time, you will be obsessed with it.

The new upper design of Lebron 14 brings a sense of unprecedented comfort .Though the wrapping is good, the feeling of pressure  on the feet can influence the daily wear when not exercising. And even a short distance, I will feel uncomfortable because of the pressure on feet which also exists in the K D 9. What’s more, because of the design in the heel, the sneaker can not only provide protection, but also ankle flexibility.


Because of the excellent suede material, the texture of the shoes is greatly improved. And meanwhile,  the material is wear-resistant .

There is a glue on the outside of the forefoot, which can not only provides supporting of the shoes, but also protects our feet from oppression.

The material of the velcro is new and its toughness is strong. What’s more, the durability of Lebron 14 is just better than Soldier 10’s. The glue in the velcro not only improves the texture of the upper, but strengthens the overall toughness of the shoes.

But there is also a shortcoming in the velcro . That is that the velcro is easy to stick to the laces . For such a price, it is really a big regret.


The protection of the sneaker is just good. As for wrapping, it is worse than the REV 15’s.

When in actual combat, I am fond of wearing low-cut sneakers. And after wearing a pair of thickened socks, I can obviously feel that the wrapping is better and the overall is more stable. So I suggest you wear thickened socks if you require excellent wrapping.



Personally, I think the Lebron 14 is the easiest one to wear and take off in the recent two years.  The laces can adjust the tightness of the forefoot and because of the velcro , the wrapping of the  shoes has improved a level. I think the wrapping of Lebron 14 is the best in my experience.


There are many venting hole in the upper, so don’t be worried about the breathability.


For a sneaker with such a price, it is reasonable to have good comfortability . But based on the experiences that the LBJ series have brought to me, I am quite satisfied with Lebron 14. I think it is worth buying.

Fashionable appearance

Though I was pretty fond of the K D 9 and K D 8 whose design was very cool, it was impossible to get many phrases at that time. For many people, the Lebron 14 is easy to be popular in the public ,instead.


For me , I will only wear my sneaker  in actual  combat. But if you like wearing sneakers in daily life, I suggest you should be careful when wearing.


As a pair of sneaker, the Lebron 14 is quite excellent in many aspects. With a price of $175, you can get such a good thing, so why not have a try? I am sure the Lebron 14 will not disappoint you.