Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 Performance Review

The Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 is now unavailable on US shelves.There are two simple yet strong looks arriving this winter.One is all-white and the other is all-black,but they both have silver accents and reflective “23” detailing on the tongues.Next we are going to take a look at the protagonist – the white one of today’s review.


If regardless of the shoe type,the looks of Nike LeBron Ambassador 9 is nice in my personal opinion and the two simple colorways of the shoe are also appealing even if it is dirty.In terms of the shoe type,as you can see from the images that it is a bit too fat,thus if you are obsessed with the thinner ones then maybe it is not for you.Whether it is in daily life or on courts,the shoes are always suitable for most of you guys.



The Zoom is placed both in the forefoot and in the heel.But personally,maybe I prefer the Boost tech to the Zoom because the later is a bit harder than the former.However,this setup of LeBron Ambassador 9 is still standard.It just needs a little time,just very little time to break in because the cushion is responsive and bouncy.Though the shoe is a little heavy,the cushion work well as usual and offers enough impact protection. In addition to I’ve mentioned above,there is a TPU in the midsole which is just suitable.In short,the overall torsion resistance performance is quite good.



As you can see below,the images of the sole is similar to  what has found on the old Ambassador 8,HyperRev 2016, along with the Nike Air Infuriate. There is a diamond grid traction pattern with strategically placed herringbone waves is used. Just be sure that the grip works well no matter you choose to play indoors or outdoors,it is just the same.And you can trust me,I am not kidding.The feeling you play on them is fantastic.When there are start-ups or emergency stops,the soles hug the floors well,maybe better than you expected.

I know that there are still some problems about the dust and the slippy.Until now I’ve seen some sneakers that work not so well on dusty floors.However,based on my experience,even when I was playing on super dusty floors, not once did I have to wipe.Every time I made a new movement,I was able to stop the moment I want,just as the idiom says,you can do whatever you want.

As for the durability,it can be said to be very good.Even if I’ve played out for several hours,there is no obvious sighs of damages.It is just excellent.But facts speaks louder than words.If there is still any doubts then you can experience it yourself.


The forefoot is a bit wide,so it is a good thing for you wide footers.I would tell you,the minute you put your feet in the shoes,they wrap your feet elegantly without any hindrance.Amazing.Right?But norrow footers you don’t need to worry.As a matter of fact,the Ambassador 9 fit like a glove without any restriction.It is not just for wide footers but almost for everyone.

In terms of the lacing system,it begins with lacing ribbons that transition into a Flywire lacing  setup and ends with a traditional lace hole at the top for a simple and extremely effective system.During the whole game I played,I never need to stop to re-lace the shoe.And the laces and Flywire are anatomically placed that suits the contour of the feet well and also,this setup guarantees stability for the wearers.In short,,the Ambassador 9 does fit true to size.

Support and Protection

The shoe’s support mainly comes from the cushion setup and the fit.It fits greatly well and with its awesome lacing system,the upper support is ensured.As for the heel support,the cushion setup offers ample impact protection thus the heel support is there for its owner.The rubber soles really bite the ground without restricting you from stop and go movement,you are just free to do whatever you want.

Protection is important.The side soles are designed to prevent rollover,which feels very stale.The Ambassador 9 is a middle top sneaker,but just as someone has said it is not so stable in the ankle part and the feeling is just like wearing a low top one.For this point,I think it is ”the benevolent see benevolence and the wise see the wisdom”.To understand more,you just need to study it yourself.


The Ambassador 9 is an awesome sneaker in my personal view.It continues the advantages of its predecessor and does also have its own features.The grip,fit,cushion,support and appearance are all its features.If it has successfully caught your attention and you happen to like it as well.then it is likely to be your next target of purchase.A great way to have your passion for basketball is being able to weartest a shoe that is a performance beast.Believe me,you will be proud of it.