Nike Lebron Ambassador X Performance Review

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Lebron James has just dropped a new shoe in Asia called the Nike Lebron Ambassador X which is the latest in a series .The shoe is inspired by LeBron acting as an ambassador for Nike and the game of basketball all over the world.It features a simple black and white color scheme with a marbled outsole similar to the one found on the Kyrie 3 ”BHM”. Then how does the Ambassador X’s performance? Here we go…


The appearance of Ambassador X is similar to the last version.The outsole,grains and the shoe type all resemble to the 9th,which makes it hard for us to distinguish them.However,there are also difference.The new full foot inner boot and the special lacing system are all highlights of the shoe.As we all know,the Ambassador 9 was a top performer last year,then will the Ambassador 10 continue to take the reigns as a top performer?


There is a diamond grid traction pattern in the sole which was once used in the last version.The herringbone waves that strategically placed in the soles does a great help.When there are start-ups or emergency stops,it performs well.It can hug the floor very well,maybe even better than you expected before.Also,the XDR outsole is a great setting.Whether you play indoors or outdoors,you are in for not just a treat,but the whole experience is fantastic.Once again,there is no need wiping your shoes frequently.For me,never once do I have to wipe my shoes all the time.So this saves your time to a large extend.


The full foot inner boot is the biggest difference of the 9th and 10th version.It is the inner boot that greatly improves the shoe’s stability and makes the wrapping become top notch.Of course,if you are fond of extra room in the shoe you can choose a bigger size.

Meanwhile, the elastic band on the midfoot also provides ample lockdown,thus making the Ambassador 10 more outstanding than other sneakers with the same price.The hard hot melt upper is thicker which is trying to ensure the wrapping and support of the shoe and its performance is really satisfying.Though the heel slip does exist,it will not influence the rest of the shoe because everything works very well.

But what surprises me most is that the TPU in the shoe’s midsole makes it impossible for us to wiggle it.So owing to the TPU and its hardness,the shoe can perform so well in the anti-twist.


The shoe’s disadvantage is that it has the useless straps and is only suitable for people with lighter weight.The cushion setup is just so so.Just like its predecessor, the LeBron Ambassador X features heel and forefoot Zoom Air unit. But the forefoot cushion doesn’t feel very springy and so is the heel cushion,thus making you feel uncomfortable on concrete ground.But the LeBron Ambassador X also cushions well above average.

The Ambassador 10 is not suitable for heavier players,but for the lighter ones especially who are guard players and likes breakthrough,the Ambassador 10 is definitely for them.



At least for me,the fit of the Ambassador X is decent at best. Though I’ve experienced some slipping problems,it performed OK overall.But I don’t think the issue will become a deal breaker.After getting along with it for some time,you will be obsessed with it.


As I mentioned before,there is the heel slip issue,but if you can look past it,then the shoe should be great.Yes,the Ambassador 10 resembles to the 9th a lot,but like the 9th version,the Ambassador 10 offers everything you need for a basketball shoe,at least for me,it can meet most of my needs.

Maybe the cushion setup will limit some people to buy the shoe,but I’d recommend it to you guard players who are fond of heavier low-top sneakers,this Ambassador 10 can basically meet your needs.If you happen to like it,then just take it into consideration.