Nike Lebron Soldier XI Performance Review

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It has been the 11th version since the Soldier series was born. And Lebron’s performance during these years are also very very excellent.

The Nike Lebron Soldier XI is now available for $130 and it is a natural evolution of its predecessor, with small tweaks rather than broad changes. Did that fine-tuning result in a better product though? Then go on reading for more details.




I always love to say it fits true to size, in fact, the fact is just like this. The LeBron Soldier 11 does fit true to size. Yes, the shoe is a bit hard to put on though, it is not so hard like that of the 10th version.Instead of regular lace system, the shoe removes the three large straps and replace them with four smaller straps ,which fits a bit more securely.

But wide footers you’d better go to try them on before buying or it may disappoints you in this aspect.And don’t worry about the slippy problems. Lockdown on the shoe is good and better than the 10th. The forefoot strap lock down my foot tightly and thanks to the heel collar I never run into the slippy issues.


You can see from the image below that the Zoom Air cushion is placed in the heel and in the forefoot(which is not shown). This setup is different from last year’s. The Zoom Air units in the Soldier 11 are pretty big . It is 8 mm thick in the forefoot and 14 mm thick in the heel ,which means the protection is improved.


Personally , I think the XI actually feels a lot better to some extent. And maybe you will worry that you might run into some unstable issues then this can’t be a problem ,because the protrusion in the heel compresses with each step and the full outsole catches it.

In this aspect, this setup can meet most people’s needs no matter you are what kind of player.There is enough court feel for smaller quicker players and plenty of impact protection for larger players. So there is nothing to be critical about in this aspect.



There are two versions of the Nike LeBron Soldier 11, each coming in at a different price point. While this is a white and gold colorway. And this one features a one-piece mesh build with a ballistic nylon mudguard, which offers a fantastic feeling.


The colorway of the upper is mainly white. It is made of breathable mesh fabric and woven nylon and equipped with an creative support system and a stable locking effect, the shoe has overall improved in its wrapping and stability.

In the image below, we can see that there is a soft, breathable mesh fabric with the additional foam in the heel part thus your ankles can be well protected.








Just look at the soles it seems the shoes won’t work very well then you will find that you are surprisingly wrong. The soles have an amazingly bite and more importantly, it does also work well even in dusty floors and unlike other shoes, there is no requirement for wiping your shoes frequently, which saves your time a lot.



I have to say that the outsole on the Soldier 11 performed well overall. While in actual performance the shoe’s grip will certainly help you a lot and you can’t be disappointed. Though not quite top tier , it is just better than most and easily better than the Lebron XV.



Support and stability

In this aspect ,it is also improved upon since the Soldier 10. The shoe  offers the traditional forefoot outrigger in addition to a midfoot outrigger, which is a bit special in my view. And the forefoot and the heel part wrap your feet tightly which guarantees your feet locked in the shoes and decrease risk of your feet rolling in the footbed.

Basic support is ensured and there in the midsole is a torsional V-plate at the midfoot and a rubber external heel counter for added support at the heel. I know that heavier players may want a little more in the shoe’s support ,but, the Soldier 11 works really really well . The straps and the heel collar ,surely ,will work nicely for you.


Can the shoe’s support be sufficient with the lace system? Many of you will ask. Then if you still have doubts after my simple review, I highly recommend you take a try.

In terms of the shoe’s stability, it mainly comes from the midsole part. As for the ankle collar , I’d say it is a bit too flexible so don’t put too much expectation on it. But the stability is also very good though there may be some disadvantages. Objectively speaking, Nike has done a good job.




In my opinion, I think the 11th does much better than the 10th. In actual combat you will fall in love with the feelings that the Soldier 11 brings to you.

As the signature shoes of James, the Soldier series always has good reputation during these years. After wearing the Soldier 11 the sense of comfort and lightweight appears suddenly. And the design makes the wrapping of the shoe excellent and also, you will experience the pretty comfortable feeling in the flash, sounds exciting ,right? In short, it performs not bad, just fantastic ! So why not have a try?