Nike Paul George 2 Performance Review

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Paul George’s second signature shoe with Nike : the Nike PG 2 was originally released on February 10th, 2018 with a price of $110. Always,the Nike series is very popular,then will the Paul George 2 be so popular too ?

It seems that the shoe is so well-designed and so perfectly priced, thus making the shoe more perfect.Seeing the images,some may feel disappointed owing to the shoe’s appearance. But how does Nike top one of the best-selling debut sneakers ever? Let’s find out…


The shoe was designed by Tony Hardman who designed Paul George’s first shoe. For its appearance, I think everyone has his/her own ideas. From the shoe we can see there are some personal elements of the designer Tony Hardman.

For the shoe’s setting there isn’t much difference compared with the Paul George 1, but the Paul George 2 is more like the Hyperdunk 2017 which also has a one-piece shoe body . In addition, a soft suede material is applied to the heel and forefoot toe part thus making the protection performance slightly increased.

In terms of the lacing system, it has equipped with the improved Meta-Wing in order to achieve the effect of “adjusting the forefoot width”, but it can also lock the heel firmly after tightening which can be said to be innovative and practical.



For the cushion : I was in love at first sight the moment I saw the Zoom unit . The Nike has increased the thickness of the Zoom by two millimeters with no fillers in the middle, so this time you can directly feel the springy and comfortable cushion. It is the increased size and top-loading the unit that makes the forefoot area of the PG2 bouncy and responsive without feeling unstable.

As I mentioned, there are not any fillers in the midsole, but the Zoom unit in the forefoot is made thinner thus making your foot closer with it. Also, the increased thickness improves the bouncy feeling . Granted, with such good setting I believe the forefoot cushion and the experience start-up will let you more satisfied.


For the support : This time Nike has done very well – it can wrap your foot well in the forefoot . When in actual performance, the fillers in the heel is ample so you feel it wraps your foot tightly. The Nike has equipped the support piece instead of velcro so that you can easily adjust the forefoot tightness . Wide base, stable foam, locked-in forefoot — everything needed for a solid support shoe, and the PG2 is solid. Perfect ,right? So whether you are wide footers or narrow footers , it is a gospel for you.


For the grip : this is the most satisfying part of Paul George 2 . It is the grip that makes me surprised most. I can’t even describe it in words. Personally, I think the grip is as good as Irving 3 and Irving 4. Even if you want to play outdoors,it still has excellent grip though the rubber will probably wear away rather quickly . But if you play on clean floors then the Paul George 2 is serious Crazy Glue.


For the shoe’s material ,I am quite disappointed .The extra protection area on the forefoot and on both sides are made of suede,so once it wears out it looks so ugly .


The wrapping of Paul George 2 is not so good as that of the first version for the tongue and the overall boot are separated.Although the full-wrapped inner boots are sometimes uncomfortable but when such a design is replaced we will miss it instead.


Though the Zoom unit in forefoot does better, the cushion in the heel is not good.So you’ll feel it stiff at first ,but after some time breaking in you’ll find it performs well.



The heel cushion and wrapping become the biggest shortcoming of Paul George 2 ,but progress can be seen that the heel stability is greatly improved. Meanwhile, as a pair of sneaker that can adapt to all kinds of foot players, it is also very popular with its price and adaptability advantages.

Here I highly recommend the shoe to you who like breakthrough and fast-feeling . Yes,it is not the best ,but it is more outstanding than most shoes. With its nice colorways,it should be a shoe which is worth buying this year.