Nike Zoom KD 9 Elite Performance Review

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Released on May 5, 2017, the Nike Zoom KD 9 Elite is the Kevin Durant’s latest signature model and has hit the shelves for $150. Below you can check out more images which will give you a better look. And go on reading, you will find out the answers for whether the shoe is worth purchasing or not.


This shoe uses the Flyknit upper and also brings Max Zoom Air cushion and traction from the original KD 9’s. The forefoot area is covered with Flyknit, but Nike eliminated the Nylon backing underneath, so you’re getting the purest Flyknit upper . And thank to the Flyknit tech,the front part is super soft, light and even very breathable.

While in the heel part, the shoe features a kind of material named Neoprene which was once used in K D 8 Elite. And the Neoprene is super flexible, that’s why the shoe is extremely easy to put on .

Besides, there is extra room for your ankle brace if you need some extra support. In addition, there is an additional collar at the heel and once you lace them up it sits loose around your ankle thus you can get more support.



The Flyknit upper is soft though, there is no influence on the aspect because there are other improvements which greatly strengthen the support. As you can see in the pictures below , the lacing system with Flywire not only adds more aggressiveness to the shoe, but it does perform really great. In actual combat it wraps your foot tightly, making you feel it is a part of your body.

In addition to all mentioned above, the extra ankle collar does great help for the shoe’s support and provides good lockdown which locks your foot tightly in the shoe .But everyone has his/her own idea , these are all my personal views.



The visible Max Zoom Air cushion in the shoe can be said to be a success. The full-length Max Zoom Air provides crazy bounce and superior impact protection and this is an amazing tool. In addition, the forefoot air unit is much thinner than the K D 9 and offers solid court feel with ability to make quick steps. And the feeling is just nice which is a bit like stepping on a pillow. Just think, such a bouncy, soft setup that is really practical ,who would not like it ?


The outsole still has many hexagonal shadings. This time there is no dusty problems no matter what kind of ground you playing on. What you need to do is just wipe your shoes a few times then the grip does work well as usual.

Even on dusty floors there is no any major slippage problems. As always, I highly recommend you have a try. If you are seeking some consistency in your life then just feel free to pick the shoes up.



The fit is almost identical. Though the heel area has less padding than in the regular version, pure Flyknit adds a little bit more comfort in the forefoot area thus the overall comfort is just as good as usual.

But wider footers ,I suggest you go to try them on in stores before buying or you will find that this shoe is just more suitable for long, narrow footers like Durant himself.


Every shoe has its own highlights and shortcomings and so is the Nike Zoom K D 9 Elite. The cushion and materials bring out the best of Nike’s technology, and the shoe’s best feature is that it’s a shoe that can provide high level performance for all players and play styles . But after all, as the old saying goes ” the benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom.”, so you can have your own idea but here I will also highly recommend it to you and surely it can’t let you down.