Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 6 Performance Review

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This cool grey of the Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 6 was globally released in the summer of 2017. Its new and fresh colorway for that summer and its setting make many fans thrilling. In hot summer courts, the Venomenon 6 is just like a beautiful scenery.


The upper of the Venomenon 6 is made of breathable mesh and woven nylon. There in the heel part is a internal heel counter and the molded rubber from midfoot to heel both add stability for its owner.

In terms of the soles, it uses broken pentagons which provides enough grip in every direction. The Zoom in the forefoot and the heel are designed with clear crystal , which well decorates the entire outsole and increases the beauty of the shoes. But in my view, the Venomenon 6 is a bit like the regular versions though, it grains are just more simple and durable.


Based on my personal experience, the shoe has a good bite. No matter in what kind of grounds or the movements I make , the soles bite the ground really well. Though the soles offer bite,it also didn’t hesitate to pick up the dust on dirty floors either, so wiping every now and then is necessary in order to keep your shoes’ grip well.So even on dusty floors its performance is not bad ,maybe a bit worse than on clean floors but it doesn’t matter if you don’t require too much in this aspect.

Also , the shoe is designed to be used indoors. It bites indoor floors really well.Except the smooth floors, it is well enough to perform in almost courts.  Is this shoe outstanding ?Certainly. Only when you play in the shoes can you find the benefits and the fun they bring to you.



In terms of this setup, I have fallen in love with it. And why? Because the there is a bottom-loaded forefoot Zoom Air and a top-loaded rectangular heel Zoom Air unit ,which offers fantastic feelings and they work really well.

In the midsole of the Venomenon 6 , there is a full-length Phylon. Honestly speaking, it is an improvement over its predecessor and  you can actually feel the Zoom Air and responsiveness. Though the Zoom units seem similar to those used in the Nike Zoom Lebron Ambassador 9, there is no much to complain about because everything in this setup is nearly perfect and effective.


The support comes from the cushion,grip and good materials used in the shoes.And thanks to the lacing system, as long as you lace them tightly there won’t be any slippage issues.Like the Venomenon 5, the Venomenon is also a low-cut one but not so exaggerated. Lacing tightly then the shoe locks your ankle well. And the protection from the heel and forefoot Zoom is adequate for most people. In short, the shoe’s support is sufficient in all aspect.


As for the fit, I think the shoes fit me well and comfortably like a glove. But you can go to try the shoes before buying if you still have worries. As a pair of low-cut sneaker ,the wrapping of the heel can be said to be above average. And the durability is also good so you can lace tight while the heel counter keeps you contained in the shoe without hindrance.

Most importantly, not only does it have excellent wrapping, but it also ensures breathability and comfort for the wearers. While decreasing the shoes’ weight, it has not changed so much and still, it performs well as before.


The Venomenon 6 is suitable both on courts and in daily life. I have to say everything you expect on a Nike basketball shoe is featured in the Venomenon 6.So in such hot summer days , why not get one pair and let it be a beautiful landscape in your life?