Under Armour Curry 3 Zero Performance Review

The new model Under Armour Curry 3 is going to be officially released in the summer of 2018  and will be priced at just $99 with the colorway of this elegant navy/gold pairing.For more details then read the article below.


The shoe is not as light as the Curry 3, but how does the wrapping change? There are some below. On one hand, the filler in the shoe is decreased,thus making the wrapping greatly decline.But it won’t become a deal breaker in my opinion. And it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable by any means. On the other hand, owing to the improvement of the lace system, there is not the issue that your feet slide in the shoes as long as you tie your laces tightly.

Above all, this setup is very durable and works excellent on court. And I am absolutely fond of it.


The support is as identical as that of the Curry 3 or it is even better . After the upper cancelled the ANAFORM support and was changed into net surface, it also offers even more supportive structure and more importantly, it is still soft and give you the feeling of comfort on a medium level.In that case, if you are fond of softness of shoes then the  Curry 3 is absolutely your choice.

In the picture above, you can see there is a small yellow TPU piece. The TPU is small though,it offers support for you as well and greatly helps keep your foot on the footbed while in actual performance. Personally, I think the greatest highlight of Curry 3 Zero is the support and if you are a shooter then this is a gospel for you.


If you are seeking a shoe that balance stability and comfort then the Curry 3 Zero is for you. The Curry 3 Zero doesn’t have the weight as that of the Curry 3 though, it is nothing series and absolutely, it can’t affect you.Instead, the air cushion feels nice,which is like stepping on a pillow.

On top of that ,what we really is the need in actual combat are more bounce of the shoe and better impact protection.Good thing is that both mentioned above are the shoe’s features thus you can have no worries.


There are no big changes in this aspect – grip which performs excellent on clean floors while on dusty floors it performs badly. When on clean floors there isn’t any slipping issues. But once you steep on dusty floors then the sole invites the dust to its surface immediately and even worse ,the dust will always follow you and the excellent grip disappears in a flash.Therefore, consistent washing is required to maintain the excellent grip, which will not influence your performance in actual combat.


Like many other shoes, the Curry 3 Zero fits true to size. But if some wide footers are really worry about this point, then I suggest you go to try them on before buying.

Compared with the Curry 3,the change of Curry 3 Zero is the heel area that is designed to accommodate those that wear ankle braces while playing. As the saying goes ,the shoes don’t fit well, only you know.Sometimes what people care most is whether the shoe is suitable for them rather than other advantages. I am sure you can get pretty nice comfort in actual combat.


Though there is no anything new in the shoes, it does bring us some good feelings .

Most importantly, they are now at the $99 price,how can I not be tempted? The comfort ,the upper support and the soft cushion are all appealing for me. So ,if you’re a guard or a shooter and is planning to trying out the Curry 3 Zero then I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this shoe.Why not have a try?