UA Curry 5 Performance Review

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The 3.14 Curry birthday color scheme that was first launched on March 14 is a limited edition. It is unfortunate that it is not available. The color schemes that were first launched on May 19th are declared out of stock in various channels.

Relatively speaking ,the color of this pair of gray raw rubber is really low profile, but it is Curry 5.

This generation of Curry signature shoe does really changed a lot such as the using of low-cut design. The former signature shoe series did have a low profile, but as the first version, it is the first time to use low-cut in all Curry currently., which helps set a tone for the Curry 5 from the start, trying to improve the pace and agility of athletes.

The Curry 5 is a bit like Harden1 in the upper design. Not only because of the lace-up method of the diagonally facing upper and the cover of the toe, the whole feeling is very familiar.However,Curry5 uses full palm boot design, but Harden 1 uses burrito type tongue. The fifth generation of Curry 5 is a pair of sneakers with full-knit uppers.

In order to improve overall wrapping, it implants Anafoam pads on the outside of the forefoot and at the heel. The material area accounts for half of the whole shoe, and the inner boots are only exposed on the upper and inner sides of the insteps of the feet. Students familiar with Curry signature shoes know that the material Anafoam had been used in the first generation and the third generation. This return to this upper material mainly in order to increase the rigidity of the upper. After all, in this all-fiber upper age, wrapping and lightweight have reach a considerable height. But the fabric itself does not stabilize the feet and feet that have been moving intensely, so the hard Anafoam material becomes the armor of this Curry 5th generation.

While in the design of inner boots, Curry 5 is so easy. The whole uses the material of thinner fabric and basically has no extensibility. But in the upper part of the instep, the jersey method of increasing the mesh opening is used, so that the inner boot of this part has a larger telescopic function. In the aspect of midsole of the Curry 5,UA didn’t carry the latest HOVR cushioning for it. And it goes on using the 4th generation midsole solution -­ EVA cushioning midsole. Honestly speaking, it is really disappointing.

For a pair of shoes with a original price of 1299,it is not only the currently UA’s top card, but also a direct competitor to many commercially available guard shoes. As customers, we will definitely compare the hardware between Curry 5 and AJ32 LOW Harden 2,or even Thompson 3 LOW. But in the midsole part of the most densely packed hardware,Curry5 is completely defeated.

But conversely consider, maybe this is Curry’s own need. After all, this pair of sneaker was designed completely for Curry .As a shooter with a huge 3-point threat, Curry himself also has

the ball breaking ability, which is difficult for an opponent to judge what scoring method he will use in this round. The Curry 5 generation’s hard midsole can provide players with a quick first step to start. What’s more, during these seasons, Curry himself was replaced by punching cards in the regular seasons, and got off work in advance. So maybe the sneaker cushioning is not very important for the top athlete who has just 30 years old.


Then return to ordinary consumers. Since this work does not have the main technology stacking. Instead, it throws up the 5th generation of Curry to improve the speed and agility of the action. What kind of actual performance is there? Next, we will analyze it one by one.

Actual evaluation

After wearing the sneaker, you can first feel that the wrapping of the forefoot part is very excellent. The inner boot lining has a double tie with the laces, which makes Curry 5 follow the feet. But in the top of shoe collar part ,because the inner boot doesn’t have any elasticity, so the left and right sides of the ankle feel a bit empty. Combined with the change of the slow motion, we can see the weakest part of Curry 5’s dynamic wrapping is here and the side of the ankle is completely exposed to the sneakers. But in terms of anti-torsion, the Curry 5 is quick excellent.

After every emergency stop ,the sneakers can maintain a good shape even if they encounter various angles of strength. And not only the midsole, even the toes are rarely wrinkled, which should be attributed to the vertical stripes directly designed by the toe, and they all directly guide the external traction of the toe wrapping.

In terms of grip test, this time we respectively tested the wood flooring and concrete ground. Relying on the classic fishbone friction pattern, the Curry 5th  completed the actions of accelerated start and emergency stop without much effort.

While in terms of rollover prevention ,the Curry 5th performs not bad as well. The forefoot specifically extends the length of the outsole on the outside. Then next is cushioning. As you can expected, the pair of shoes can bring you the most direct venue feedback.

After an average of 5 touches, you still can’t adapt to the shoes. So it is not designed for rebound players.

The gravity center of this low-weight sneakers weighing 380g is in the middle, so it can’t be too heavy after wearing them. Interestingly, in addition to the exposed TPU stabilizers ,the Curry 5th has no any plastic parts .And Anderma LOGO and Curry’s own signature are shown .   Then let’s take this opportunity to introduce the details of the poor stars of the Curry 5th.

On the side of the tongue, there appears Curry’s LOGO while the inside of the forefoot, there appears an embroidery <π> which symbolizes Curry’s birthday on March 14.Except Curry’s LOGO which is hidden in the heel of the outsole, it can’t be found other personalized designs as signature shoes. To sum up, the Curry 5th brings excellent grip with a practical fishbone outsole.

The upper Anafoam material with midsole TPU gives it an excellent anti-twist function. Simple full feet boot design can meet the need of most people. Combined with a pair of actual ball socks, the sneakers can bring good wrapping. But relatively, the wrapping and cushioning on the side of the ankle are the Curry 5th’ disadvantages. If the wrapping can also rely on the sturdy , and the sneaker itself is very close to the foot, the actual wear will not have much impact, but use 1299yuan to buy a pair of sneakers without any cushioning technology deciding its price/performance ratio will not be high.

In addition to Curry’s own faith and relatively unique design, the Curry 5th is indeed in line with its main responsiveness and the hard midsole makes it a new generation of <flying slabs>.If you need to step up the first step and can quickly complete every technical action on the field, then the Curry 5th is a relatively good choice. Relatively, it is exactly how it responds to this aspect of functionality, leaving the Curry 5th lost more of the adaptive customers..